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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Quality time with "Noises Off"

Today I spent the day with my Mother. It was her birthday last week and I treated her to a day in Chemainus. We started off wandering the streets and revisiting all the little shops. This is a beautiful little town that my Mother loves. It was my day to spoil her but she spoiled me! She's so sweet and an excellent Grandma to our children. (Our children have been blessed with many wonderful Grandparents and family members) We then had brunch and watched the live production of "Noises Off" It was hilarious! I wouldn't suggest bringing children to this show but if you're looking for a night out, this is the show to see. You will laugh until you're crying. It's a English comedy with tangled love lines, missed cues and lost hope. A stage that everything goes hilariously wrong. My Mom was asking me for a tissue she was laughing so hard, everyone in the building seemed out of control with knee slapping laughter. It was great. I can't express enough that live theatre productions are uniquely the best. At one point I thought to myself about acting like this at home, I wondered how that would go over.....?......I keep telling our children don't be afraid to be who you are, don't be afraid of peoples opinions and judgements of you, act. Enjoy drama, get into theatre. Dance and sing. Direct your silliness into plays, jump into role playing and have fun. I would love to watch some of our children on stage. Anyways, this is almost a repeated post from the last time we went to the theatre so moving on, today was another good day. Mostly because I was able to spend a day with someone I love, my Mother. There is nothing more important then family. It's the quality of time spent. I love making memories, spending time with people I love - that's the gift that means the most. There's a one time event, "Shake, Rattle n Roll" happening at the Chemainus Theatre in June, they're celebrating their 20th season. I'm thinking on surprising my husband to this performance. He loves the 1950's! I also wrote in a previous post that there is a production called, "Animal Tales" with participation kidzplay that I would like to take our children too. In fact I'm starting to believe that season passes for Christmas would be nicer then broken toys the next day and suggesting to our comical children to think about performing arts. What a fun life that would be! I don't know what our children's futures hold but I hope to be the director just a "tiny bit" To conclude, "Happy Belated Birthday Mom" I love having the opportunities to spend days like these with you! We should all take more time to cherish moments together..............


  1. Carrie. I only missed you by a day this time! I went to "Noises Off" with three of my older kids on Saturday. We're bound to meet each other one day, although that would have been lovely to meet you in Chemainus. Oh well~ summer is around the corner, so there is a good chance we'll cross paths then. And yes, it was a fantastic play~ I've been doing the same thing with my older kids~ we went to Pack of Lies earlier this month at the Bailey Theatre, then Dancing at Lughnasa in Qualicum last week and this weekend the Chemainus Theatre. Next is a comedy at the Ladysmith Theatre in a few weeks~ perhaps I'll see you there.

  2. Pam, email me your number or I can mine, I would love to meet! Carrie.