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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"A planned surprise!"

April 10th I extended our long weekend for three of our sons. We ventured to Victoria for the day where our sons enjoyed walking the board walk, the downtown streets with all the little shops and we entered the Parliament Building then had a buffet Chinese dinner. I wanted to create a memorable day. Normally my answer is "No" but on this day it was "Yes" We walked by the 7/11 where they indulged in huge slurpee's, they found their own memorable item for their bedrooms with their names on it. Then the biggest surprise happened! After dinner I explained I wanted to go to this big Save On warehouse (Save On Memorial) We stood in this massive line-up and one of my sons stated, "There must be a huge sale in there!" It was huge alright, it was the Johnny Reid concert! Johnny Reid just started his world tour and he is my favorite singer! So of course I benefited from this experience too! Once inside a lady asked my sons if they were Johnny Reid fans..........they looked puzzled. Of course they were wondering where this huge sale was. Then I burst their bubbles! You're going to a concert! Technically it's not their type of music although once the concert started it was incredible! They loved it! Johnny Reid engaged with his fans by coming out into the crowd, he was only steps away. On three separate occasions he invited some other children on his stage where they danced and sang with him. There was fire, lights, confetti and multiple screen shows! His opener was Carolyn Don Johnson who has albums released and commonly is played on JR.FM 93.7. Their next concert is playing in Vancouver this Saturday! Our sons danced, clapped and started yelling, "We love you Johnny!" It was really cool. Beside us was this single woman that resembled my Mother. She was sitting by herself because she couldn't sit with her daughters. We quickly became friends during the concert and she moved in between me and one of my sons. During one song (Today I'm going to try and change the world) I wrapped my arm around her, she layed her head on my shoulder and it was just a moment where strangers instantly connected. I loved her. I thought she was a beautiful person. You know how you just know or have a feeling about somebody? That was my moment with her. After the concert I thanked her, I even stated to her daughters later....."I love your Mom" Then we departed ways. I enjoyed being with my sons all day. There was moments where they were teasing each other and it was getting on my nerves but for the majority of our day together it was good. I had some giggles that didn't go away simply counting the number of times one of my sons was yanking up his zipper.........just silly things that can humor me at times. We didn't get home until after midnight so I'm sure they're tired but they definitely are talking about it! A memory they'll never forget!

On Johnny Reid's last closing song we sang all together, "May the sun shine on your shoulders, may love and luck be your friends, for now, always, forever, 'till we meet again..........." You rock Johnny Reid and yes, we do love you!

I posted just below this post...... "Today I'm going to try and change the world lyrics" Words to live by!

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  1. OMG I'm so happy for you and your children! Sounds like an amazing day and how wonderful you got to go see Johnny Reid and make a new beautiful friend.

    Love and Hugs,