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Monday, April 30, 2012

Sexual Health for K to Grade 3

I know with this post there will be several different opinions about this topic. I also want to write that I do believe children should learn about themselves, their sexuality and the boundaries between one another. I also believe that it should be by the discretion within a timely decision depending on the mentality of your own child. I don't believe the public school system should take it upon themselves to teach kindergarten to grade three students without the consent of their parents any forms of sexuality. So my husband and I agreed to keep our children home from school because of what was being taught last Friday. Although today (Monday) they came home with this first picture above. A drawing of a little girl in her bathing suit with her private parts named. Not only named but in my opinion named incorrectly. If I wanted to teach my kindergartner the private part names, I wouldn't have chosen "vulva" and "anus" for example. The first picture above is an example drawn by someone other then a child, nor my child. This came home for an example so they can finish their sexuality project. They are suppose to draw themselves in a bathing suit, circle and name their private parts. So the second and third picture above is the finished project our six and seven year old sons are handing in. I understand completely about early awareness but I don't believe this should be taken away from the parent to do it appropriately the way they want to handle it and when. Once again, our parental rights have been taken away and now our children believe their mouths are a private part. Perhaps but seriously? Our seven year old came home and drew pubic hair all over his own private parts. Is it actually healthy to learn this early when mentally they're already struggling? Did we need this as a family now? I personally don't think so. There was no respect about beliefs, about cognitive delays and definitely no respect for the parents basically pushing sexuality on our children without consent. During this education program they did learn the "Five Principles" Quoted from Sexual Health Right From the Start 1. Sexual knowledge is healthy and increases abuse resistance. 2. Children are born ignorant of sexual knowledge, but they are active learners from birth on (provide age-appropriate info) 3. Factual knowledge about the topic of sexuality is vast and growing constantly and it is easily accessed in multiple ways in society. 4. Sexual knowledge is powerful (healthier decisions and delay sexual activity) 5. Sexuality is an essential part of life and sexual knowledge is essential to a responsible life. "Dimensions of Sexuality" 1. Who we are: Identity 2. How we experience our bodies: development 3. What we stand for: Values 4. How we care for ourselves and others: Health. "Intimacy" Learning about yourself and others as sexual people - is the part that "sticks" and that's really real, because it's the part that's experienced. It's the part that affects how we see ourselves and other people, how we think, how we feel, what we value, how we relate, how we communicate and make decisions. Our children came home with all this information...........It's confusing to our six year old. Apparently a five year old should be taught that they came from the mommy's uterus....quote "Where you grew for 9 months, there is another special organ called the vagina. The vagina is a connecting place between the uterus and the outside, and it has an opening between mommy's legs. When you were ready to be born, mom's uterus pushed you through the vagina until you came through the opening" mmmm......ok then a six year old suddenly asks, "How did I get there in the first place?" Sexual health right from the start quotes "inside daddy's body there are tiny little objects called sperm, located in his testicles (2 ball shaped organs) that are inside a sac behind the penis. Inside mom's body, near the uterus there are different tiny cells called egg cells (ova) that are kept in the ovaries. When a sperm from a man comes together with an egg from a woman, that's called fertilization. Step 2, "How did they get together?" Nature designed male and female bodies to be able to fit together like puzzle pieces. When the bodies fit together, the sperm and egg can find one another. Step 3. "How exactly do they do that?" Quote "Dad had a penis and Mom has a vagina. Man's penis goes inside the woman's vagina (man's penis gets stiff) this is called sexual intercourse. Sperm come out of the end of the penis and swim farther inside the woman's body, sperm meets up with the egg, egg travels to the uterus where it will grow for the next 9 months. - Now with writing all this, I don't know what was presented at the school nor do our children because they didn't attend. I could be slightly ignorant to what was taught although this is what they brought home. As their Mother I don't want them to be ashamed of their sexuality or embarrassed on how and where they came from but again us parents should decide on when and how it will be explained. Maybe it's just me.............I just can't comprehend why this was added for Kindergarten to Grade 3 students in a school setting without consent. I understand the concept behind it but not for my children at age six and as their Mother, I have the right to teach them in the comfort of our own home. At least I thought. More likely this material was for us parents, to teach us on how to teach our children but a project drawing yourself in a bathing suit and labeling your private parts at school? I knew I should have raised children centuries ago, I must be completely old fashioned because I just don't agree.

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