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Monday, April 16, 2012

"Happy Parent"

It's been a productive few days! I love days where everything I want to accomplish happens! Today I was worried at the beginning because my motivation was low. Then I began. What helps for me is a list to tackle. If I've accomplished everything on the list, it's been a successful day! For example, yesterday my list looked like this: 1. Take back McDonald juice containers 2. Return the Easter bunny 3. Get groceries at Costco and Superstore 4. Buy dog food 5. Go to the bank 6. Finish all the laundry 7. Make lunches & dinner 8. Bath all our children 9. Therapy for our youngest daughter 10. Go for a run with one son- 30 minutes  Check! Today was Monday, most Monday's I will bake. 1. Bake 2. Finish paperwork 3. Make two dinners (one for weekend) 4. Make lunches. 5. Do more laundry 6. Hike Notch hill with two sons - one hour. 7. Clean up vomit 8. Bath one of our children because they decided to stick their head into the toilet 9. Vacuum 10. Blog about it! Check! Now in between my list there is of course interaction with our children, my husband when I see him, organizing different appointments for our week, helping with homework, doing dishes, checking emails know what it's like! I don't sit down until 8pm. Even then, I'm up and down like a yo yo! But I'm not complaining, I actually love being busy, I love multi-tasking and I'm back to my fitness at least one hour a day. I've been back to the stairs, 1404 steps a few days ago, last night I ran 4 km and today Notch hill! Basically switching it up. You're probably wondering why I'm writing about any of this and it's because I'm an example of loosing motivation. I can't express enough to awake and get cracking. Push through that sluggish feeling and start off writing a list. Then don't stop until it's finished. I will guarantee after your day is done, you will feel good. On that list, always have something for yourself. If it's not hiking or running, reading a few chapters in a book or finishing a craft that's been sitting there forever. You know; I love my family, my children and my life but I'm really happy when I get one hour a day. Periodically I get a weekend for First aid and hiking combined throughout the year. My husband's solitude is his garage. So whatever it is - make sure you take that time for yourself. One thing I won't loose is myself while raising a family. It makes for a happy parent! We can do it all! My day is even longer tomorrow...........and what doesn't get done tomorrow, will get done the next day. I can count on that!

"I know the price of success: dedication, hard work, and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen" - Frank Wright.

"Be there for others, but never leave yourself behind" - Dodinsky.

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  1. Thank you for this very inspiring post! I will be taking your advice and starting with a list. Normally I just go about my day and do the things that hit me in the face while I'm doing something else! LOL
    Have a wonderful day my friend!