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Monday, April 9, 2012

We are not machines!

Without getting too personal, I have been having some health issues lately so I've decided to change my lifestyle. Interesting creatures we takes our health to be compromised before making the decision to change. The reason why I decided to share is because I caution, "Don't wait, make a few changes now" For me, I have been living with an ongoing infection, anemia and osteopenia. I have been living daily feeling the way I do for a long time, eventually it becomes the normal. Then one day we break down because we're not machines. I have had some time off from exercising but proudly this week I've hiked three times with several of our children that can keep up! I've been on medication for this infection for weeks that causes different side effects. Which is "Ok" - whatever. I've been talking with several different naturopathic doctors and also extensively researching. Us woman and men need to maintain ourselves with help especially as we age. Believe me I wasn't a huge believer on vitamins but now I'm a chronic vitamin inhaler. I did tell myself this is the year for health when I had my last birthday! So I'm going to share some of the daily vitamins and minerals I'm taking and I truly believe everyone should be doing the same thing. It doesn't hurt you...............In the morning I start off with "Morning Rise & Shine"

As seen above, it's a lemon, organic aloe and alkaline mineral drink. A healthy way to start your day! We need the valuable alkaline and minerals in our bodies. Alkaline is very important for maintaining your health, increasing strength and building a stronger immune system. Just one rounded scoop per day in 500 ml of water. Next in the morning I take my palafer, folic acid, B12 and vitamin D.

With folic acid, the human body needs folate to repair damaged DNA. I remember taking folic acid when I was pregnant to protect from birth deformities but did you know folic acid helps protect from heart disease, reduces the risk of strokes and I've heard that the shortage of folate in our system could develop depression. For me, I take the folic acid and B12 because it helps to produce red blood cells and to treat anemia, a booster for the palafer. Vitamin D is not only great for myself but perfect to give to your children, once a day because it's a factor in the normal development and maintenance of bones and teeth, and helps in the absorption and use of the calcium and phosphorus. Believe me my bones and teeth are transparent! A few years ago when I found out that I had osteopenia in my spine I was told to start taking "Bone Basics" Bone Basics I recommend for everyone. Osteopenia also is a condition that can be reversed with the help of vitamins and diet.

Bone Basics supports your bone health.

Next is the "Ultimate Flora" There is 50 billion cultures per capsule. Probiotics provide the friendly bacteria that live in our bodies. Did you know that Probiotics means life? Everyone should be taking Probiotics. It helps with the control of candida, bowel disorders, it helps our bodies digest fats and proteins, it detoxes our digestive track and feeds our intestinal lining keeping it healthy.

Basically, you should be taking "Ultimate Flora" or a Probiotic if you have a weak immune system, respiratory infections, food or respiratory allergies, bowel disorders, skin problems and definitely if you travel. OH and if you suffer from yeast infections of any kind, including athletes foot, jock itch and nail fungus. Mmmm.....our bodies are a complicated package to look after! (Almost disgusting) Anyways moving on, last but not least at night I have a "Calm" tea.

It's a powder and I only take 1 tsp in hot water. Only add a small amount of hot water first as it fizzes like crazy. Then add the rest of the water once it settles. Sorry my picture is sideways but it's a magnesium citrate powder that tastes like raspberry and lemon. I started taking this after having some hip issues. If you have any soreness, muscle aches and problems sleeping because of it, take Calm. It promotes maintenance of good health, helps your body to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins, helps in the maintenance of bones and teeth, tissue formation and maintains proper muscle functions. I don't recommend taking 2 tsp or more because it could cause diarrhea I found out!

So there you have it.........I more likely bored you, you probably don't think it's necessary to take any supplements but I encourage it. I was honestly that person that went from year to year living and believing life feels that way. I'm not a doctor of any kind, just someone learning to live healthier. I'm changing with age, I appreciate life and I want to live. I'm an active mother, we're an active family and not only am I changing for myself, my children see it, therefore they can change to a healthier lifestyle younger.

And guess what? If you don't eat your vegetables and greens like my husband, take "Vital Greens" It's a liquid boost of essential green nutrients. You just take 15 ml once a day. My husband is taking this believe it or not! (He is just a meat and potato man) Again, everyone needs energy, to feel and be healthy........there's no harm in trying if you doubt your health. My husband now jokes, "I take a shooter a day of Vital Greens!"

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