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Monday, April 2, 2012

Our oldest is 22!

This past weekend we had some friends over for dinner, I spent way too much money on groceries and I took our oldest daughter out for her 22nd Birthday dinner. I can't believe when I started having children it was twenty two years ago! This post is dedicated to our oldest daughter. Twenty two years ago she changed my life. She was this beautiful baby girl with light blond curly hair. I remember she was a lot like me when I was a child, a tom boy! (I'm not sure if she'll agree) But it's true! Wearing jeans, playing outdoors and helping defenseless injured animals! When I was in grade seven I found an injured crow on my lunch hour. I captured it with my coat, brought it back to school and stuck it in my locker. My intentions were good, I wanted to bring this crow home after school and nurse it back to health. Although my plan back fired because I was called down to the principle office and was asked, "What is that noise coming from your locker?" I remember walking down the hallway with the principle (clearly not happy) and released the bird from it's temporarily solitude! Now our oldest daughter around the same age attempted to rescue a little pretty bird outside our home. I wasn't aware of anything until weeks later! One day I was going through her dresser drawers, eliminating clothes that didn't fit her anymore. I stumbled across little bones, bits of fur covered in maggots! It was one of the grossest sights back then! The whole dresser was replaced and when we questioned her about our findings her only response was, "The bird was hurt, I was saving him!" A few years later she was heavily into "Spice girls"

She entered a Spice girls contest! This above picture is the genuine Spice Girls group and our daughter was Ginger Spice. Ginger Spice is the lady in red on her knees. My husband made her platform shoes from a block of wood, screwed on to her running shoes painted black. Imagine her walking in those?! When the Spice Girls had a reunion tour, our daughter went to the Spice Girls concert as they were one of her fondest memories! Our daughter stopped riding a bicycle because there was one time she flew over the handlebars and one handlebar went into her groin. I remember even for myself how horrible that was at the hospital. Our oldest daughter had the biggest tantrums. I remember there was a time she rolled all over our driveway, kicking and screaming but otherwise she was someone who resembled myself. Someone who loved the outdoors, loved camping and had a heart for smaller creatures then herself. lol She has grown in many ways. She is beautiful, extremely intelligent in her third year of University and has been developing that compassion I constantly write about that I hope all our children genuinely carry within themselves for ALL others. When we first started adopting I know it was hard for our oldest daughter to accept other siblings, especially sisters. It took years but eventually I witnessed times where there was sister bonding. I remember sitting on my bed with my two oldest daughters and I would have the popcorn made watching Greys Anatomy. (There is always moments to reflect back on) Regardless on what they believe or think now, we had many, many wonderful years. Now our oldest daughter speaks fondly of her forever growing family and has developed much love for her siblings. She's a young woman heading places, career driven, interested in traveling and we have no worries she will be a very successful woman throughout her life. I feel honored to be her Mother and I'm at peace within my heart knowing she will have a great life ahead of her. I also thank her (being our oldest) accepting and appreciating us after twenty two years of growth, change and different trials. On Sunday night I took her out for her birthday dinner, she chose the Firehouse Grill. We had Miyagi Magic Prawns for an appetizer located above. It was excellent! Served with kimchi, rice with beet and green garnishes. She ordered the seared tuna called "Black and Blue" rubbed in ginger, garlic and coffee. I had a dish called, "Love me tender" A sushi dish consisting of tempura prawns, avocado, sweet potato rolled in soy paper. The soy paper resembled eggs. Mine was "Ok" I wouldn't order it again because I'm more of a spice, flavors and full of taste person but if you're looking for something more bland, order "Love me tender" lol After dinner we went to Starbucks where we both added an app to our phones called "Draw something" A game where you can play online strangers from all over the world or add your own friends. You draw a picture and they have to guess what it is with the letters provided, then it's your turn. Like charades or pictionary but online with your phone. I've never done this before but it's fun if you're sitting doing nothing. lol (Not sure about my time) All in all - It was a good evening with her.........."Happy 22nd Birthday!" and have fun in Mexico you lucky beach bumb! You deserve it after concentrating on full time studies and juggling two jobs! Plus you saved for your own vacation - good for you! I'm one proud Mother!

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