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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Been busy"

I haven't written in awhile, a week is a long time for me. A few reasons, just busy and not wanting to write about anything, secondly my blog has changed its format that upset me some because I'm a creature of habit. Simplistic and comfortable my blog was, now it's taking me sometime to catch on its new look for composing. Our weekend was busy. Today is now Tuesday and it was busy. May is now approaching us which is developing "some" anxiety to get our camping trailer ready. Not the loading up and going part, more like ripping the whole front end out and rebuilding it from rot. One nice touch is we're adding bunk beds. I've been feeling slightly swamped with paperwork (files and files) of diagnoses and designations for homeschooling in September. What's frustrating is one box is completely missing. I attend to over organize! I will say with prompts from a friend, I have six children registered for summer camps this year! They get to leave for one week each with friends! I'm planning ahead! One huge task on my list of accomplishments is piling all our children's clothes in a heap, sifting through everything and cleaning out. We have too much. My Mom once told me that children don't need piles and piles of clothing. It's completely true because once I have the laundry done and put away, we never see the bottom of a dresser drawer. We are already washing and wearing. So time to sift through! Other then that............I haven't disappeared! In fact I'm multi-tasking right now while dinner, changed a bumb, wiped the floor, I have three children on time-outs and believe it or not...........cutting hair and bathing our children! Thinking about tomorrow, our week and months to follow! Texting my teenagers (perfect way to communicate it seems) and replying to forty two emails! Yeah! And honestly this isn't a complaint, I love it.....................and I'm back from hibernation.

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