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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Plan,plan,plan then leap! Cures anxiety.....

Ok, so I have a question. Does anybody else get anxiety with the May and June months? I feel with the year ending, graduation planning, completely behind with our camping trailer and lacking that organization I do have with everything, loosing paperwork, scrambling around trying to please everyone including birth families is giving me not only high energy, it's developing some anxiety! We have birth family that want us to go up North this summer, we don't know what's happening with our extended family, we have more birth family that want us to either visit or entertain. Don't get me wrong, I like to please and I understand the more people (family) loving our children is great but just would be nice to just be us. When we first started adopting I didn't think we would have so many different dynamics but as years pass life changes and swivels in several directions. It's forever changing. This summer is yet another BIG change as we've been informed that our oldest and second oldest sons' are moving. Another milestone in life having three adult children. I've learned to take a few steps back, and accept their decisions. Definitely a different role while raising the rest of our children until their turn. Now, our usual crowd is "only ten" children. So I've been thinking ahead on all the best paths to take and I hope (myself) is making right choices too!

Now here's my answer to everything........send a plane ticket for one birth family member from up North to come here for a few days! Grampa will be on his way - maybe! Travel only half way to see the remainder of our other Grandparents, birth parents and previous foster homes - maybe! Perhaps meet my sister in law and her family somewhere in the middle - maybe! The rest of the time camp in our half gutted unfinished trailer and smile because we'll still be covered, warm and happy to be parked in the middle of no where - done! The rest of our time will be day trips with more camping and boating while some of our children are at camps of their own - totally done! Now my biggest answer to anxiety is leap!

Not only did I leap, I went upside down dangling my arms on the longest zipline in Canada! One highlight after practicing first aid along wet cold trails! But to contradict myself, there is benefits to leaping without a plan as it can be surprisingly successful. I'm also known as being completely spontanious! Whatever works, take the plunge! Now I'm going to plunge into massive piles of clothing to donate...........more likely find a shitzu and possibly a child underneath! Perhaps start a clothing dance party like throwing leaves high into the sky catching underwear with our ears............sounds less sticky then a marshmellow war blown out plumbing pipes!

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