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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Little piece of earth

I am addicted. Every day for one hour I hike up Notch hill, a little mountain that looks over three separate communities. I usually have two or three children with me. These are some pictures from today, it was slightly raining but when it was pouring yesterday it was rejuvenating. My word for Notch hill is rejuvenating! The middle picture above is some of the terrain along this little piece of earth. The above picture is at the top of this mini mountain of someones burial. Regardless if it's someones pet, a bird or ashes from someone it's a place where I've taught our children to respect and honor that life. They do not step in nor around it. Regardless of why the circle was made, there is still a meaningful history. I often make Inuksuks, it's a stone landmark. It represents human figures and could have many meanings attached behind why it was built. For me, it helps develop patience, stability and it's left untouched for others to know we've been there. Sometimes we will put our first names on the rocks before stacking and building our family unit. If I ever see our children attempting to touch any art form built and left behind, I quickly intervene and explain why. Every time we're at the top we will sit next to this burial, look around at our panoramic views and appreciate life. It doesn't matter who we are nor the amount of money we have, we need to appreciate our lives, our little pieces of earth and love who's close to us as for tomorrow it could resemble something completely different. We just heard tonight about a young man, twenty three years old suffering an aneurysm. Someone our oldest daughter once knew. So I do have an's teaching my children to be compassionate, to appreciate and love each other. To live. I smile as I know some might think I'm crazy, perhaps too deep and ones that don't know me, possibly reading my blogs that are sporadic, grammarly incorrect and off the wall with inside humor must question but I am "real" regardless what judgements come my way. Now that was a full sentence! lol Some of my posts can be redundant and that I apologise for although I can't express enough to take notice in absolutely everything, the tiny sprouting weeds to truly enjoying our surroundings which means nature and people. If you don't already do that now, try it. You will have this sudden peace enter your body.........believe me I was very frustrated today with the botched dog mess of our income taxes and when I hiked up Notch hill I was rejuvenated and feeling peaceful. I'm honored and thankful for the existence of all life. Monday we will spread another peddled flower around this potential burial because it's not only actively showing respect, I want whoever that initially built it to know its presence has made a difference by educating our children the importance on life, on death, to honor and appreciate.  

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