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Friday, January 21, 2011

"Off to another comfortable place"

Waving "Goodbye" for the weekend! I'm taking 10 of our children to Camp Homewood. My husband will be home working on our new set of stairs and watching our older teen/young adult children coming and going. Sounds like a blast, I wish him the best of luck! He's actually doing an amazing job on our stairs, all hardwood, wood trim and finishing with black iron rods. For a Mechanic and Auto Body technician he's flawless building houses! It's unfortunate that the new set of stairs are hidden within our addition but his same style will be seen along our Romeo and Juliet balcony in our living room. We've also decided that we will re-design our kitchen. It's a nooked kitchen, completely too small! My wish is to eventually have a double oven with six burners! After all many of my hours are spent in the kitchen and my time is precious! A bigger family table would be nice and we'll have the room for it really soon! We have a lot of goals and yes because it only enhances our family's atmosphere. Being comfortable in our home I believe to be important. This will include wheelchair ramps, not just for our use but for our family and friends. Everyone should be able to move freely, feel welcome no matter what their need may be. Our home is for everyone. On that note, we're off to Camp Homewood, another place where we feel comfortable. Have a great weekend! We will!

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