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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ok...."Back to school"

School. I honestly as always have mixed feelings about our children going back to public school. I always will. We will have more children to home school in the future but until then while it feels safe to send them to the public school system they will go. Safe meaning not peer lead. Right now our children have innocent socializing and friendship building. Something that I believe is important is friendships. Hopefully developing core friends within Elementary and Middle School will direct them in healthy relationships come High School. If not, I'm definitely pulling the plug come High School for public education. Now that they're going back after the winter holidays, I'm already thinking about Spring break! Spring break is one of those times that is difficult due to weather. Two weeks of wondering what to do in the rain. The Mountain snow is getting slushy but warm enough to enjoy the sun glistening down on your face. Usually it's beautiful weather during the Spring at the Mountain. That's when we should have spent a week! Blizzards aren't fun for anyone! Even the avid skier! Otherwise if we're blessed with nice weather, I love making day trips all over the Island. One of my favorite times of year is the end of June. I'm already day dreaming about our two month vacation! It couldn't come any sooner! Going back to school after the winter vacation is no where near the preparation as going back to school in September. I am ahead of the game with my baking! Some of our children have nice new wardrobes and they seem more excited then I. Two and a half more months for Spring break and six months left of school. Time moves where we live. From now until then we're going to have big changes to look forward too! So I'm not wishing the time away but I can't wait until the time I can spend more time with my family. Perhaps since I'm thinking this way I should start planning for next Christmas! One thing I know it won't be happening in a blizzard, our children shouldn't have the fifth disease because they had it this Christmas and we will be at home! For now, it's back to school! In the meantime, we already have commitments that will take up our time! Camp Homewood, Birthday's every month, adoption planning, Graduations, planning summer vacation, fitness and creating a new craft. What we do with our time is endless and I love it that way!

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