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Monday, January 24, 2011

"Don't cry over spilled milk!"

Back to reality, Monday. A day of spilled milk. Literally as my husband was turning, he spilled milk all up and down the kitchen cabinets. Growling under his breath, "I'm always cleaning up messes" Our weekend at Camp Homewood was pretty good with different activities, learning about different resources available and socializing with other adoptive families. Unfortunately I didn't even receive 4 hours each night for sleep because of unexpected noises. I've recovered with many fond and interesting memories. My husband however stayed home and was "trying" to finish our stairs. He ended up not only cleaning up spilled milk but massive diarrhea from our larger dog Kong and driving to Mt. Washington picking up one of our teenage sons that accidentally hit a tree while skiing. He's completely fine escaping from serious injuries with only scrapes on his back, a mild limp and being stiff and sore. Our dog Kong went to the vet today, he's lost 8 lbs from being sick. We found out he has an infection in his liver and hopefully antibiotics will solve his problems. My husband's problems will never end because spilled milk always happens! Mark Guilbeau wrote, "It doesn't matter how much milk you spill, just so long as you don't lose the cow" As I say, "Don't have a cow over spilled milk!" Our reality if you spell our name wrong, we would be a cow! The world's highest production dairy animal, the Holstein cow! In fact, we'd be a cattle of Holstein cows! All in all we had a productive great weekend, no worries, I won't quit my day job because I'm not that funny and we definitely won't cry over spilled milk!

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