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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Seasons are changing"

Every one had a snow day today. We wanted to make sixteen snowmen to soon resemble the size of our family but stopped at six! The snowmen seem to be "hanging" out slowly melting away!
Reminds me of the movie Jack Frost where the snowman comes to life! Changing form. Our children did a great job while throwing snow balls at each other. It turned out to be a gorgeous warm day, I myself was getting excited about the seasons to come! I know that many of you with children, waiting possibly again to adopt more children understand the feeling I usually explain it "being pregnant" Most of you know we're adopting "yes" again and as time moves on, the weather changes, the more pregnant I get! I've held off this time in purchasing anything. I've held off in writing about adopting. We're just moving forward with our children in waiting. It's interesting with our children how they're so openly accepting of another sibling, it warms my heart. After all if anyone; our children know that there is so many children currently waiting in Foster Homes for a forever family. A place where they can have a Mother and a Father, a name, a future forever that they can depend on. Sure there's challenges but we accept challenges as a learning curve, without a challenge, we don't become stronger as individuals. Our next foreseen challenge is a vehicle. We're definitely going to look more seriously into a Handy Dart. We've thought about a 15 passenger although that's all it is, a 15 passenger with no room for anything else. Today building multiple snowmen in the sun fighting the melting snow I sensed the seasons changing. Weird? Probably. I've been known to be crazy with having a large family and what's even crazier is I think it's crazy not to have a large family if you can. If you can, if you want too, why not? Perhaps I was day dreaming but one fact I know for sure, the seasons will change and so is our family - to 14 children and holding. Through-out our journey I've realized that people don't understand why we want to adopt children, adopt children with special needs, continue to adopt becoming a larger family. How we can? If I wasn't me, I would be looking in questioning the same way. I've also realized that I can answer these questions over and over again without getting people to understand. Finally realizing that it doesn't matter because it's not their life. They aren't us. Respectively leaves me in a comfortable place with our family; that it doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is our life works for us, we're happy and we wouldn't have it any other way. For the families that understand, support and are on our same path, I wish you the same feeling as I get when I sense the seasons are changing. Love and forever growth.

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