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Saturday, January 8, 2011

"Deep fried chocolate bar soothes the stress"

Here I am after an interesting week of events contemplating all the scenarios that laid down before me. Unfortunately the court case has been adjourned onto its third day sometime in the future. I heard we'll get a phone call about the next date. By the end of the first two days I was feeling pretty good. My feelings had nothing to do with what was going on in Court. It was how our side was reunited, these are individuals that were once my neighbors and just amazing people. Nothing about being in Court is soothing to ones stress. It's truthfully a tenseful atmosphere. During the breaks we were able to remove ourselves from this intensity, walk and just enjoy each others company. It was really nice to reflect back and reconnect again. During one of our walks we found this little place that deep Fry's everything! It's absolutely NOT healthy but definitely satisfying to your taste buds. I was hesitant in trying anything. So between five of us, we shared (that consisted of one bite each) a deep fried Mars bar! Exactly like this picture above. It looked disgusting. It was one of those items that you just spooned up with whipping cream and opened wide not looking at it! I tried it for the experience to say, "I tried it" Honestly, I might try a bite again. Although I will always remember the experience because it was with people that I used to know, people that shared the last few days and we support each other. So am I looking forward to a third day in Court? "Yes" because I will get to have another days opportunity to give another hug, to reunite and to support. My wish is for everyone involved including the woman fighting to save her beloved dogs, peace and understanding to be able to move on after the decisions are made. I personally believe it's very clear the outcome but everyone deserves a day or years in Court. ( I think ) Just like everyone deserves at least one bite of a deep fried mars bar! A bar battered in batter that is typically used on fish and other battered products. Sounds yummy huh?! Perhaps next time we'll try the Snickers bar smothered in ice cream and butterscotch sauce! Until then, I'm back home eating healthy and once again realizing everything happens for a reason. Even a summons to appear in Court can have positive results!

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