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Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Come on over"

It's been a few days since I wrote last, since I've been on the computer, it's been a busy end of January. We've excepted an amount to replace our fridge finally after almost three years of battling. Tomorrow morning my husband has to deliver our fridge in order to receive the in store credit towards another fridge. Friday will be interesting as we have to take apart our kitchen cabinets to remove it. I believe life is going to change when my husband installs the new fridge! No more water, ice, rock hard ice cream and luke warm watery sour cream! We don't have to listen to unnecessary clicking throughout the day and night! Life is great. Speaking of great, we had two special guests tonight for dinner. Someone who is very important within the decision making of adoption and other business related to adoption. Another who has made our family what it is today, someone who is very special to us. For privacy reasons I won't write any names. When they arrived I was surprised with two sets of flowers. A mini rose bush and a bouquet. It was really sweet. I was mainly in the kitchen doing what I do best; serving, while my husband gave them both the grand tour. For the most part I believe our dinner went well. (I hope so) What was really interesting that I observed was some of our children glued onto one of our guests. They surrounded him with joke telling, card and magic tricks! Our girls brought out their talking bears while my husband pulled out the ole marshmallow blower! Yes, my older child, my husband! I will add, the marshmallows stayed in the cupboard this time! There was one comment made where I should dedicate a blog all about my husband. The plier teeth pulling, vacuum belly button sucker, marshmallow blower of the Island! It could be possible! What was really cute, our children made Thank you cards for coming for dinner. One attribute I always comment about our children is they're welcoming. They're friendly, they really make people feel comfortable and important. That's why we can adopt. If it wasn't for the compassion for others our children have, the acceptance of another, we couldn't. Our family makes us who we are and with the help of some special key people. Tonight and I hope I'm not the only one feeling this way but tonight if anything showed we're all on the same page, just in different paragraphs. We all have our own roles, our different ways of accomplishing daily life and making the best of it. It was honoring, somewhat a bit awkward but indeed a special night. I hope our guests left thinking the same way. If not, they're welcome back. After all I've always said, "Our home is open to everyone" As long as you can handle our large family, some noise and a squabble or two, come on over! I was completely being safe with a roast dinner tonight, next time Sushi, Thai and East Indian! Bon appetit!

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