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Sunday, January 2, 2011

"Oprah - you go girl!"

I took our children to Cyber City today. Three hours of climbing around in a hamster cage while I read Oprah. Oprah starting January 1st has started her "OWN" network. (Oprah Winfrey Network) In her magazine she was explaining that to fill the time 24/7/365, you need close to 9000 hours! She so far has 600! So as she stated she has a lot of work ahead of her. I admire people that can take leaps. I believe those leaps are the ones that makes someone successful in anything they decide to do. A quote Oprah said that she knows for sure was, "Once you clarify your purpose for doing something, the way to do it becomes clear" She's an inspiring, intelligent, compassionate, successful woman. When I do watch any television, I will tune into her network. From what she explains she wants her network to have meaning, inspirations and life lessons. One of her premiere shows starting in the spring is called, "Kidnapped by the kids" This series will teach that the children want their parents quality time, it's not about the time away working to get items the children want or what the parents might of never had. Children need to feel loved. Oprah is hoping that this show will be life-enhancing for children and parents. It was an interesting read while I thought, "Wow, why not start the New Year with your OWN network teaching others about love and compassion" I love Oprah! If anyone making millions (billions) it should be Oprah! Another section in the Oprah Magazine was about a higher love. About a woman with only a months preparation to trek to the base camp of Mt. Everest! Not only did she accomplish it, she accomplished it with her daughter. This is a place I've based my dreams around. Trekking through the Himalaya's, visiting Kathmandu Nepal is really only one destination I would love to accomplish before I can't. Our home decor and the word "Namaste" comes from this part of the world. In my bedroom I have two panoramic posters given to me from a First Aider that hiked to the top of Mt. Everest. He called them, "The world from the summit of Mt. Everest" Not only did he get to experience this largest Mountain in the world, he also adopted a little boy from Nepal. It's really exciting hearing stories and being able to communicate somewhat with their Nepalese language. People have told me that they've thought I've already been there - unfortunately a dream that I incorporate into our lives at home. From learning the history, reading the stories, learning the language and learning to prepare their food helps me with my dream. Dhal bhat a seasoned lentil that you pour over basmati rice is one of their main foods in which I prepare. I'm always inspired about stories that involves Nepal and Mt. Everest. An inspiring quote this woman explained in her article was "For some people, trekking to Everest base camp is not a prize, it's a punishment, but some of the most powerful and rewarding experiences are the things you probably hated the most when you were doing them" When I was reading this I was thinking again, "Wow, that's a powerful and completely honest statement" As Oprah, success doesn't come easy, we all have to take risks, we have to reach out of our comfort zone and push ourselves to better ourselves. January 2nd reading in a noisy hamster land with children everywhere, I reassured and enlightened myself with another "AH HA" moment thanks to Oprah. These aren't just stories, these are stories that can be our lives. With focusing our energy positively, making the proper steps forward (even if their out of our comfort zone) we all can become successful with what we want for ourselves within the future. Of course I'm a Mother of many, I won't be trekking Nepal anytime soon but I'm a Mother with a mission. Which is making a difference in children's lives. Not only making a difference but hopefully directing our children to be successful with theirs. Don't let fear hold you back, whatever you want in your life, you can do it. For example, I never thought I could pass my practical exams in first aid. I have had many written and years ago when I had to fully package a code 3 patient within 15 minutes and of course stabilize breathing by inserting an OPA (Ora pharyngeal Airway) teach another to breathe for my patient while splinting a broken femur and stop deadly bleeding was completely stressful. Stressful because I was being examined! I didn't want to be where I was, I swear I had the worst case scenario! As tears ran down my face my examiner asked me, "Carrie why are you crying?" I explained to him I failed. He looked at me with a smile and said, "You passed 100% and will make an excellent First Aider" That moment in my life I cried like a baby, a moment I still remember fondly because it taught me to believe in myself. Yes it was hard, I hated every minute but years later, I can now challenge the course. You just have to believe, hurdle through those moments that you might not want to do, take those risks and success will be at your finger tips. Just like Oprah! Reading is inspiring, another book I want to purchase is "Second Wind" about a woman with a midlife request to run seven marathons on seven continents. She decides to take up running for therapy, a quest to find herself. She's not physically fit but she's living proof that even those who tend to stay at the back of the pack can still be winners - K. H. It sounds like a great read, my next read in fact for 2011! Let's race towards life, challenge it and accomplish all odds! I have many ideas including sprucing up my grammar and writing a book someday!


  1. Speaking of the Himalayas have you read Three Cups of Tea? I read it while Kyle was in the hospital and gave it to one of the nurses to read. Very good and he's inspired many people, and children, to build schools in that part of the world. (not that children aren't people...that doesn't read quite right but I mean that children have been a significant part in his fundraising efforts, in addition to adults).

  2. Thankyou Jennifer, I will look for this book! :)