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Monday, January 17, 2011

Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy has been on for eight seasons! I used to watch ER without missing an episode. I don't watch much television but lately it's been a Grey's marathon! We bought our oldest daughter all the seasons of Grey's Anatomy. I love this show! I love anything to do with the medical field and knowing some of their lingo keeps me in tuned. We're heading into the third season. I just hope now that I'm becoming an avid watcher, they don't stop producing the show! Last night I didn't get a great sleep because when I did dose off, I was dreaming about Grey's Anatomy and NOT about Mr. Mc.dreamy but about different first aid scenarios that my subconscious was making up! This series of television seems to be about the lives of interns, residents and their mentors. In 2006 they won the Golden Globe award for the best television series for Drama. For me, I like the fact they make it look like it's filmed in Seattle where most of the program is filmed in L.A. I enjoy all the characters especially George O'Malley played by T.R. Knight. He's so "cute" and "cuddly" A face I would like to pinch! I'm only finishing season 2, so I have a lot of catching up to do! Last night was intense with the cavity bomb that Meredith was holding! Of course in reality I'm not too convinced a bomb would be lodged into someones stomach with a 100% survival rate. Nonetheless Grey's Anatomy is now my number one show! It's actually an interesting bonding relationship we've started, my oldest and second oldest daughter and I cuddle on the couch having hours of endless Grey's. Usually around 8pm when everyone is nestled sleeping in their beds, we look at each other questioning, "Grey's night?!" I know I'm completely behind with this television show but better late then never! I've noticed Season 2 is focusing on Meredith and Derek's relationship which I also know the outcome.......with stating that, as much as it's a night soap opera; I love the show. Did you know, Shonda Rhimes is the creator of Grey's Anatomy? Born January 13th, 1970! A Capricorn like me! She has a bachelor's degree and a master in fine arts from the University of Southern California's school of Cinema. She's also created, The Princess Diaries, Private Practice and Crossroads. Perhaps in my next life I could be as talented! (Ha ha) Now you know in my spare time I'm watching Grey's Anatomy while finishing this excellent book called, "Second Wind" and soon to be starting "Three cups of tea" This is all happening after 8pm! Now it's laundry, baking, walking the dogs and preparing Chicken pot pies.........a talent I do endlessly!

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