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Monday, January 31, 2011

Only if our house walls can talk!

The future. Another question everyone asks us is, "What are we going to do with such a BIG house after our children move on?" Some of our children won't move on but most will. My husband and I constantly discuss our future, our children's future and "Yes" our house's future. Only if our house walls can talk! It would be saying, "No, please NO!" Our house's reality is unique. I can see us looking after mentally and physically challenged adults. After all it is being designed to accommodate any needs. There is a few options that we've discussed. We could even turn it into a bed and breakfast. Which would help the employment of some of our children too! My husband designed this house where if wanted, we could easily change the addition part into another suite. What we'll end up doing is beyond me but our wheels are turning because the future is amongst us if we like it or not! I definitely don't believe that our world is ending in 2012 so we must prepare by thinking ahead. I'm constantly preaching to our children about their futures, about their decisions and trying to help them successfully move forward but that doesn't change once established. Once established we start preparing wills, trying to figure out the best way to fairly split the Estate that once was a work in progress for our family to live. Not only are we thinking about when some of our children leave home what we'll do in the pre-retirement faze of our life;(I doubt we'll ever retire) we are thinking about preparations for when we've past away. From the moment we were born, we had to think about our future. Adopting children with special needs, having a large family, we do have to think about their future after we're gone. Setting the stage, where and who will look after our possible adult children with special needs. We're very dedicated even long after we're gone and hopefully how we have our wishes written will be carried through. I keep telling our teenagers that life is constantly forever changing and future planning never stops. We all have to start and end somewhere. Hopefully our ending is into our high nineties where I can personally make sure all our children are settled comfortably and we've done everything that we wanted too with our life, which could include looking after special needs adults not of our own. Now only if our house walls can talk!

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  1. The future is an interesting prospect isn't it? As adoptive parents to special needs children our obligation and committment just doesn't end when our lives do. We have to constantly think and re-think who will be there to help them when it's needed.

    It's a future prospecting that is fun, exciting, and terrifying...all in the same thought!

    Keep sharing, you inspire me! xox