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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Congrats on your purchase of ..... Protection/Repair Agreement!

"AGH" %!#&^!$%@$&%@$!! A few years ago I wrote about fridge issues. Our home is three years old this summer, including the fridge! Since November 2008 our new warranted fridge hasn't worked properly. It is too warm on the fridge side, freezes rock solid on the freezer side. It's a side by side fridge, freezer / ice maker Kenmore fridge. On and off, every several months we have to defrost the fridge and live out of coolers! Now it's melting, water is constantly being wiped up underneath and around the base of the fridge. Three years, seven attempts of repairs and now diagnosed as unrepairable. Going on three years now we've been fighting with this company to replace our fridge. A fridge with warranty in our name! Here's the catch. Our fridge was purchased by the contractor that built our house, we took over ownership and warranty without receiving a receipt of purchase. Ironically the contractors office burnt down. They claim they have no proof of purchase, the company where the fridge was purchased claims they can't trace the purchase either. No one has proof of purchase but we still have a warranty that can't be used on a newly owned refrigerator! We learned today that they're giving us two weeks, 14 business days to produce a receipt or our claim is denied. For some reason - beyond us, the company has decided to add yet another stipulation onto the on going three year fight to have a working appliance replaced. 14 days! Well...........I have contacted the Better Business Bureau with a written complaint about our three year issue. We have had two food loss claims, continued defrosting and now possible hardwood floor damage underneath this fridge. We're waiting to hear from the Better Business Bureau but from there, we're lost on what to do? The customer service department is an entire joke. I thought customer service was to listen to complaints, solve issues and to throw in something extra to keep the customer coming back? Perhaps a fridge?! What is one fridge to a multi billion dollar company? My husband wants to truck our fridge to their doorstep and sit on it! I'm seriously considering if Check 6 News would like to know how customers are treated with warranty's from this company? In the meantime, after 7 attempts our protection agreement states, "If we repair your covered product 3 times during the any continuous 12-month period and the covered product then requires a subsequent repair during the same 12-month period, WE WILL, at our discretion 1. replace the covered product with a new or refurbished product of similar features and functionality. 2. issue a store credit for the current replacement value" where does it state about producing a receipt. It does state that it's transferable to any subsequent owner. Our warranty agreement expires on August 24, 2011. A warranty that's good for nothing that has cost us approximately $115.00 a year! BUT this company has denied our protection agreement unless we produce this missing receipt within 14 business days. Then they write, "Congratulations on your purchase of .....Protection/Repair Agreements" Our Warranty................that means absolutely nothing! It's affordable protection you can trust! AND I'm the Jolly Green Giant!

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