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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

You are beautiful

I've had a few individuals on my heart today. There is moments in our life that we can't forget. In previous posts I wrote about my experiences with complete strangers. Some people are amazing. I never would have thought I'd meet complete strangers that would impact my life so beautifully. When I was by myself during our sons pre-placement visits in a city unfamiliar to me, I met a brother and a sister in a restaurant one evening. They were an older couple, and literally while I was leaving the restaurant, the brother mentioned on how good my son was. We spoke for only a few minutes when I was given their phone number after being asked to call and join them for dinner the next day. The following day I contemplated. I wasn't going to call. After all, I didn't  know who they were and it was a sporadic move on their part. Half way during the next day I called. It was the best call I made. From there we not only became friends, for the past year we've corresponded on the phone, sent letters and different parcels to each other. A month ago, the brother came to visit our home. Complete strangers meant to meet and now friends forever. I still remember the impact these two lovely siblings made on me, and still do till this day.

Then a few months later I was in Toronto bringing back my second oldest daughter. I had no resources with me and I found myself in yet another foreign place. From a friend here I was connected with her friend in Toronto. Amazingly in the same city we were. This woman not only came to us, she helped us during the course of the days we were there, connected us to everything we needed, brought us into her home and was our saving grace. A woman I will never forget. Life can be hypocritical. I'm always always explaining to our children to not talk to strangers. Children are more vulnerable to be victimized and for my children, the importance of boundaries are crucial. Then here I am their mother talking with strangers all the time. I believe the good in most people and in order to absolutely seek that good is to trust, smile and converse with people you don't know. I explain to my children that you must be an adult in order to sense the ora within people. We usually know during the first or at least the first few meetings with someone new if we want to continue corresponding or not. I might not seem very careful but I'm very reluctant onto whom I invite into our lives. I believe we meet people for a reason. Regardless if it turns out to be a great positive relationship or not, our lives are here for growth, for learning and through even the worst relationship, we are experiencing which gives us the knowledge, the strength to make appropriate choices the next time. My belief meeting new people and proven within the most different atmosphere, sometimes the most awkward = equals truly the best scenarios meeting genuine individuals. I can claim this as truth because the three people I've written about above that I met from one end of Canada to another are absolutely beautiful. My thoughts today. And not only are these three strangers I met I believe to be beautiful.....I know most people are in their own way, they just need a chance to show it.

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