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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Got pumpkins!?

The week that just past was a blur. Homeschooling is a given, therapy appointments happen chores just exist and never go away.....then the beginning of November is school reporting for home school and public school. Meetings after meetings a had this week. It's not finished until roughly the middle of November. I have been fitting in Yoga once a week, a movie here and there - there is absolutely no time wasted. When I sit down, I write while boiling pumpkin. For Halloween we bought 23 pumpkins. Tonight (Thursday night) we gutted, carved, boiled and roasted pumpkin seeds. Hours and hours was spent just on pumpkins and pumpkin clean up! Crazier then my previous chicken post! 

 Believe it or not, this is my husband with a pumpkin on his head!
 My pumpkin
 Boiling pumpkin
 The pumpkin seeds ready for garlic roasting!
Next up - our Halloween party this weekend! I can't wait to share!
"Whatever life looks like to you - beyond it" - me.

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