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Monday, October 7, 2013

Gadget necessity world

Years a go I bought myself a new drill press. I never understood the big hype about men and their tools. I haven't been someone that needed new kitchen supplies either. I punch bread, I have this old hand held beater since I was seventeen. This beater clicks as it spins through my mixtures. I dice food with my large knife. I'm the same way when it comes to electronics. We still have our VCR's. We do have a blue ray player but I'm really not grasping the concept of the difference between a blue ray verses a DVD player. Basically the blue ray has more features, and better quality but if I didn't know any better, it wouldn't matter therefore I wouldn't be missing out on quality as quality seems to change monthly and empties our pocket books anyways. We can't keep up. At least the kitchen appliances and gadgets don't seem to change that much or I'm semi oblivious to it. I wrote once about how I wished I was living in the "Little house in the Prairie" days during the nineteenth century. It wasn't simple by no means but the idea with a less populated and younger country seems more appealing to me. I think that's why up north in smaller communities and the country lifestyle is also a more comfortable way of living. We have grown accustomed to the more convenient semi hectic way of life, where the hustle of thousands of people drive our highways and blue rays are our quality of our lives. Just lately I purchased my own USB memory chip. I had to ask one of my sons on how to download my book I've been writing onto the USB. Once I figured that out ....I was pretty stoked. I thought "yahoo" it's a little tool just like my drill press! ZIP and it's accomplished. My biggest worry was loosing everything on my computer that seems to crash periodically, a computer as outdated as my kitchen supplies! So.....I am adjusting and understanding the concept of quality although it doesn't change my inner perspective on how simpler it could be without the worry of loosing valuable material if I just had my old typewriter! In a way with all the new tools, gadgets and electronics the new generation is getting lazier. My husband and I have been collecting and looking for household items for two of our adult children to help furnish their new homes. The "gadget necessity world" became apparent to us because even without a plunger for their future clogged toilet - they will not know what to do. Did a plunger exist centuries ago, no and neither did a toilet. So we've evolved to the point of creating a less functional generation unless they have a USB stick in order to survive. To prove my theory, I asked one of our sons, "If the toilet became plugged, what would you do?" He naturally responded saying, "I would use a plunger" So I asked, "What if we didn't have a plunger?" There was complete silence. Perhaps I can use this as one of our science experiments. It's scary knowing that some individuals can't function without a microwave, or a food processor in their kitchen, it would be mayhem! Writing about possible storms, I'm one that loves a good storm. When the power goes out, no electricity! For many of us life has come to an end.....for me it's just another hike in the woods. So as much as I'm moving along with our society, and our continuous evolving generation - I still enjoy the simplicities of life adding the protection of my USB stick. I have this generation does because the truth is, it's a gadget necessity world until the lights go out.

And to end...."Promise yourself to live your life as a revolution and not just a process of evolution" -Anthony D'Angelo

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