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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Empty nest.....mmmm (not quite)

Wrapping up our 2013 year consists of six people moving out of our home. Our second oldest son now lives in Fort St. John, our oldest son, our oldest daughter, our second oldest daughter with her boyfriend and baby are all moving out in their own directions at the end of October. I can't say we will have an empty nest but I can say we will only have twelve children with one free bedroom that will turn into my craft and office room! It's exciting for me. It's a different chapter having adult children moving out on their own. We can visit, they can visit - we will support from a distance. My husband laughs commenting that it's about time he can go plug their toilets, while not changing the empty toilet roll, leaving his coke cans all over their living room while placing his dirty dishes all over their kitchen counters!

(Of course he's kidding) It's a tempting pay-back plan nevertheless! The month of October will fly as fast as September did while collecting household belongings for our two out of four adult children. Furnishing two separate homes completely with everything shouldn't be that hard. For me it's a bitter sweet feeling although I know for young adults to become successful within their own lives, they need to be out on their own, experiencing life and making their own mistakes. (Mommy and Daddy can't do everything) Not only am I excited for my different role within their lives, I'm excited for our adult kids - their next chapter of life begins!

For us - it's going to be something to get used too! Only twelve children left at home?! What!? lol

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