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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Take the opportunity when it knocks.....


 Our Thanksgiving weekend was eventful. On Saturday a friend and a few of our children went up to Mt. Washington checking out our chalet for Christmas, then my Dad and Mom in Campbell River had us over for dinner. (eight of us) It was a nice day. On Sunday I cooked our turkey and salmon dinner. Now here we are - it's Wednesday and we've already established this coming weekend plans. The opportunity knocked and I'm heading to the States to hike the Snoqualmie Pass with a few avid first aid hikers. The Snoqualmie Pass has an elevation of 3,022 feet at its summit. It's located on the line between the Kittitas Country and King Country. Not sure our route but another adventure nonetheless with the added bonus of shopping in the States! I've written in previous posts about shopping in the States and comparing the costs of our dollar with Canada. There is no comparison. For example, a large brick of cheese, (a 5lb block) is approximately $8.00-$11.00 in the States while here it's $26.00. A pair of DC running shoes can be anywhere from $9.99-$30.00 while here the cheapest usually starts at $50.00. A quick silver t-shirt in the States starts at $5.99 while here it's $19.00 - $29.99. Those are a few examples. Honestly, we're being hosed here in Canada.

This is where I think too much. Every time I have an opportunity, I analyze all the details and give careful consideration before I decide, BUT when I do - it's a done deal decision. I dedicate to it. I'm all about action. 2-3 days is enough, then I want to come home to my family and responsibilities. Besides retail therapy, hiking is the best rejuvenation. The outdoors for me is like going to the spa, (besides blisters creating blood infections, and exertion from continuous rocky steep terrain) it's full of peaceful solitude and accomplishments.
 The moon is showing its full shine this Saturday, I will be curious on how home holds up while I look at it from the Snoqualmie pass. Many adventures to share for my next post!

To conclude, I've learned to take the opportunities that knock, to believe in my self and take the actions to enhance me - that's the mother I want to be and for my children. Not only to show my children that I'm not just their mother,  (who cooks, cleans and wipes bumbs) I am a independent person with goals too... onto whom my children "just might" be inspired after.

And thanks to a friend for reminding me to take the opportunity when it knocks........"self time" is a must. I do not only appreciate my life, my family and my friends, my children appreciate me when I return - for not only being their mother at home, but for setting an example for self accomplishments!

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