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Friday, October 11, 2013

Thankful for.....?

Every Thanksgiving I ask everyone what they're thankful for. Some of their responses are either predictable, semi-sucking up to me or completely genuine. Here is our results.
Age 6 months - "Her baba"

Age 23 months - "OUTSIIIIIIDE"
Age 5 - "Love"
Age 6 - "ELMO!"
Age 7 - Shrugged his shoulders......?
Age 9 - "I'm thankful for the races"
Age 10 - "I'm thankful for a family, for a roof over my head and my friends"
Age 11 - "My life"
Age 13 - "Having clothes cause I like doing laundry"
Age 13 - "Horses"
Age 13 - "I'm thankful for minecraft"
Age 13 - "I'm thankful for McDonald's"
Age 15 - "Having an amazing family and a cool mom and dad" - mmm.....I call that a semi-suck up!
Age 18- "My daughter and my family"
Age 19 - "For everything you have done for us"
Age 20 - "I'm thankful for a sound mind"
(only missing two of our oldest adult children's responses)

For myself.......I can write a book on what I'm thankful for. Health is number one, without it I couldn't look after my family that I'm also grateful for. For this 2013 Thanksgiving I'm thankful for having all of us together again for our family portraits - it meant the world to me. For overcoming most of our challenges. I'm thankful we have peace. (For now) At least a rest before the next challenging events that could happen! lol I'm also thankful for my weird sense of humor. I'm thankful for everyone in our life, and for myself believing that everything happens for a reason which includes meeting the people we have throughout our lives. There's definitely too much to be thankful for. Regardless if we are having horrible challenging days - there is so much within our world to appreciate and I'm just thankful recognizing it. I personally wish everyone a wonderful weekend while they enjoy the people they love within it.

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