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Friday, May 31, 2013

How wonderful it is....."I have to share"

I have to share. Today was one of our home school field trips. Seven of us went mini-golfing. Mini-golfing to most is a easy event. Even if it takes us 3-6 times to dunk our golf ball into the hole, it's not that difficult. For our littlest daughter, just holding the club is a task, let alone swinging it and managing to hit the ball. We make sure she gets the opportunity to try anything at least once. She enjoyed herself for the first few holes then it was a game over. She was more interested in the atmosphere around her. You're probably wondering why I've decided to share this.......I've been on this kick lately that all of us, it doesn't matter who we are, we can experience, we can challenge ourselves and we can live. If our daughter can, I can and we all can. My other point that I would like to share is, individuals with special needs are amazingly beautiful and determined! Our daughter has enhanced all our lives and our mission is to enhance hers. Many children waiting to be adopted have special needs. Again, it's not for everyone although if you're interested, we're here with our open home to visit first hand and to answer any questions you might have. There was a time for us that we were apprehensive to adopt children with more needs, we weren't educated and experienced. Now we wouldn't have it any other way. Our children with special needs taught us. Especially our littlest daughter, (without her knowledge) she taught the rest of her siblings compassion for difference. Most children these days don't develop these characteristics until well into adulthood. I wanted to share, how wonderful it is witnessing our children who are compromised challenging themselves, how wonderful it is on how all our lives have been enhanced accepting each other.

"Roses are red, vioets are blue, you the best parents, I sure do love you"
(As written on the below gift)

I have to share.....because it's moments like these that really define on the "why" we adopt.

"And....."Kids can't wait to have a family"
It helps them grow & spread their wings in the most amazing ways....
"We've witnessed it!"

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