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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

You can do it.... if I can!

Over the past year I've been moving into a complete lifestyle change for myself. I've been a vegetarian for over a year now, and moving into 2013 I stepped up my fitness and started making smoothies, eliminating sugars, whites and all the yummy tempting stuff. Although I do have moments (cheats) where I indulge from time to time. Everything in moderation. If you've been following, I usually hike this little local hill 3-4 times a week. Now I can do Notch hill within 30 minutes, my record time! I went up yesterday (Tuesday) and with the heat it was more challenging. I brought water but not enough. So during that time, I cherished the last drop. When you're hot, feeling challenged with a dry mouth - wow, water is your best friend! That last drop was the best tasting water I've ever had. The water temperature was warm and more likely stale! So now a note to self - you can never have enough water! Bring a backup supply! Then that Tuesday evening I went and attended my sisters boot camp. And guess what?! I brought more water! As everyone knows, water is the best drink for your body. I try to drink water all day long. Did you know water composes approximately 70% of our human body mass? Eight glasses per day is recommended and I've over exceeded that adding lemons or limes. If you're interested in loosing weight, always have a glass of water in your hand.
Also this week I started a body cleanse. I am on my third day of a twelve day herbal d-tox. Honestly the d-tox kits are a waste of money. Juicing would have the same effect. Although it's a simple quick solution to jump start and cleanse your metabolism. This cleanse you can eat certain foods such as fish, vegetables, nuts, berries, lemons, beans, eggs, soya milk and quinoa extra. You can't eat whites, sugars, breads, dairy, pasta's, extra. Right up my alley so it shouldn't be too difficult! If you're interested in starting a d-tox cleanse, read the information booklet provided and dedicate yourself even after the twelve days as it's a start to your new lifestyle change.
I will be completely honest, I feel good. Healthier and I have more energy. It's not easy for me either, it's one day at a time - like raising children. Tonight being "slightly" tender from boot camp (haha) I went walking with my granddaughter. During our 2km walk listening to the birds, I explained grandma's heart. Being one month old, completely sleeping, I was talking to myself and I said, "My little grand baby, here we are together walking this world wondering what the future holds. I've learned to take one day at a time. Sweet baby girl, it's a choice this life. Eventually you will see. I wish that everyday is a day worth reminiscing, a day of productivity, a day of supreme health. I will be here for you sweetheart, like I'm here for my own. Count on Grandma, I love you"
I have to be careful. Not to become too attached. After all I'm "Grandma" The picture above is her little hand on mine. So precious, delicate and innocent. Life is beautiful, and we should always treat it that way, with ourselves and each other. Life took me awhile to learn, to appreciate, and to respect - I don't expect our younger generation to really understand the importance but I truly believe in inspiration.

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