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Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Out of the blue"

Johnny Reid is my favorite singer. Today in a drive thru, a lady purchased my coffee. It wasn't the purchase that touched me, it was the thoughtful gesture. This is something everyone should do for each other every day. Ironically I was listening to this song called "Out of the blue" by Johnny Reid when she bought my coffee. This stranger made my day. This song can mean anything, listening to the lyrics can lift your spirits. A pot of gold can be a waiting child adopted, when no one ever thought a family was possible. Right out of the blue....don't give up, life can turn on a dime! A bucket of love.....what goes around, comes "Paying it forward" as simple as a cup of coffee to as complex as a forever family. Getting through the highs and lows, learning to just let a life moto to remember. I hope you enjoy this song like I do, and remember, life can turn on a dime!

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