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Monday, May 6, 2013

Where did that weekend go!?

On Friday we enjoyed a picnic down at our local beach. To our surprise the band Kumbana Marimba were playing. We sat, had our picnic, danced and bought their CD.
There was a chalk board down at the beach, "Before I die I want to......"
On Saturday I went with a friend to see Delicious Lies at the Chemainus Theatre. It was good. Deception with a master manipulator! (Very "fitting" for our lives).....In the end with several twists and turns, everyone was happy in love!
Then on Saturday night some of us enjoyed a night at the grand opening of the car races, featuring monster trucks, crash to pass, road runners, hornet cars and fireworks!
On Sunday we celebrated one of our sons 11th Birthday at the bowling alley!
On Monday it was no more playing......we released 22 butterflies after observing them from chrysalis-hood! Some Native cultures believe that the butterfly symbolizes metamorphosis , balance, and grace. The butterfly has the ability to accept change. A great home school experience! Another popular idea for butterfly releases, they're being used at weddings, and other ceremonies. Did you know once a butterfly hatches, its average life span is two weeks and under?

Then.....after a therapy appointment, I was sifting through thirteen dressers. Filling three large garbage bags to go to the sos. Then organizing eight large bins of summer clothes. It was an all day affair. I always pack away the seasons. Fall and winter is now comfortably organized away, then when the end of September comes, all the spring and summer gets nestled away. It's like Christmas re-opening the bins. Especially when I purchase throughout the year on sale with the off season specials! At Old Navy I found winter jackets on sale for $6.99 regular $75.00! That's how I shop!

Now after cuddling my granddaughter - I'm ready for bed.

"Time is what we want most, but what we use worst" - William Penn - When I read this quote, I's true. We all want more time. So how might we better manage the time we have? I push until things are accomplished but today with the beautiful weather I was left thinking....."Agh, only if I organized clothing while it's raining!" Next time! Now to enjoy the sunshine and pack our camping trailer!

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