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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

# 42 still inspires....

On Tuesday night I went and watched the movie called, "42" A true story about the first African American to play baseball. It was really good. (Although at some moments I wanted to jump through the television screen and attack some racist characters) My older children who watched (ages 17 & up) were also feeling angry. They didn't realize that back in the 1940's and earlier and beyond that there was separate washrooms. One for the "whites" and none for the "blacks" On how racism divided everyone by color. The 1930's especially in the South was enforced with violence, discrimination with housing, public services and segregated schools. Acceptance didn't start changing (slowly) until 1954. Which brings me to write about discrimination today. As a large family with different cultures and special needs I've noticed that racism still exists. I always educate in hopes that with education it would result in compassion and understanding for differences. I find some individuals aren't interested looking outside their box. That's completely acceptable but those people aren't in our lives. We're at a point now - we stick out like a sore thumb. We don't even notice being stared at, and whispered upon. We walk proud. Although sometimes I will have a child say, "Mom someone said.....or they're talking about us" Some of my comments have been, "We are popular" or "They don't understand so they're interested in us" "Smile" I have explained that we aren't the "norm" within today's typical society of 2.6 children. When families are raising their 2-3 children, they can't comprehend 16 let alone with such diversity. We must not be a family.......we're always questioned, "Are you a group home?" Funny........many times I'm asked, "Which ones are yours?" I will respond, "They all are" "No, no....which ones are yours?" they will proceed to question. Sometimes it's very frustrating answering the same questions over and over again within the same conversation. For example, "So you're a foster home?" "No, we are an adoptive family", I will respond. "So you're a foster home?" again questioned.......Not sure why people don't have the common sense to distinguish between foster and adoption. I think having a large family in today's society isn't about racism, it's about not understanding onto why and how. Some people will never grasp the concept and those people won't be adopting several children either. And to note; our children's behaviors do not exist because we're a large family. (There is other reasons) Racism does exist today.....I've seen it, or felt it. It's as close as in every community. In the States, especially down South, it is still huge. Even in the Oregon state, I was in the presence of some white supremacy people. It was disgusting. They basically believe that they are superior to other racial backgrounds. There is organized groups all over our world today. Some target landed immigrants. In Canada there is the Aryan Guard, the Heritage Alliance, Heritage front, National Socialist Party of Canada, Tri-city skins, Western Canada for Us and the Western Guard Party is just a few. So yes we have evolved since the 1940's but we're only 80% there believing or treating everyone is equal. Besides race, there is individuals with all levels of special needs. I know there is people that are completely racist against others with disabilities. I also know some don't know how to interact with a special needs person. That's why it is so important not to limit a special needs individual and to integrate! Educate. Here we are in 2013 and most think we have rised above racism. It's better - but it still exists, it's now called, "Bullying" and it still creates feelings of isolation, difference, and segregation. The word "racism" people don't like to use.......that doesn't mean another word hasn't replaced it. As parents, we need to teach our children from home the importance of equality. Honestly, it stops at home.

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