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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Adoption changed my life

So my parents are crazy, you can ask and wonder how they do it but you'll never fully understand until you experience and come over for dinner sometime and sit down and get to know them! BTW they are a good crazy obviously ha ha! Anyways before I get too ahead of myself I should probably introduce myself. I'm Jesse Scott Hohnstein. I'm the oldest boy out of the bunch, I'm 19 years old and I can honestly say I have the best family I could ever ask for :) my parents adopted me when I was 12, and I have never looked or wish for it back. I've had my struggles with both my mom and dad but in the end everything works itself out. Kinda funny how I always looked at them as the bad guys but really I was just young and immature. To this day I can say to everyone reading this blog that my parents are my superheros. My dad is superman, he can do anything he wants, come look at my house and you'll just totally understand. He's the most down to earth man I know and is very soft spoken. He may be a bit anal at times but hey who wouldn't be with 16 kids! He's the type of guy where you can sit down and have a nice coke and talk about cars for hours! Man my dad is a car lol he's always going, never has time to stop at red lights and when he does have free time he's working on cars! I love him to pieces. Anyways I could go on about him for along time but I still have to tell you about my loving mother! So my momma bear is very talented and has a huge heart , she makes time in her day to hike notch hill twice a day, you know that's a pretty brutal hill to climb up. I can barley make it up and I'm 19. My momma is only 40 and she would make me look bad! ha ha maybe that's why I don't wanna go with her when she asks me too! My moms the type of person too if she sees a homeless person on the street she would go buy them dinner and not just give them money because obviously they would use that money for something else, she's told me a story about that actually a couple years back in Vancouver. My mom is very popular, also everyone looks up to her, and has alot of friends! Anyone who is friends with her are very lucky to have her in their lives. My momma bear has a way with everyone. She treats everyone how they should be treated. Not more not less. She shares her love to this whole family and without her I don't know how my dad would do it. Anyways I gotta get biking to town, I gotta work tomorrow! I told my mom I wanted to write a blog for her and well I'm all done :) I could go write for hours, I like it, I see why she does it, I must get it from her! ha ha anyways to sum everything up without my parents I'd be lost. They are my best friends and I love them to pieces. I know they see how much I appreciate them and everything they have done for me, my brothers and sisters are all blessed as am I. That's all I have to say for this time it was a pleasure cya :) Their son Jesse.

The above post was voluntarily written (without any changes made) from our oldest son. He was one of our first adopted. We had a few challenging years but I am very proud to say he's come a long way. "Thank you" for your kind words and your truthful feelings. Dad and I love you very much!

Son & "Momma Bear"

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  1. what a lovely story about your parents,grandpa and I love you and all the have wonderful parents and they are there 24/7 for all