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Thursday, May 23, 2013

My wish remains possible.....

Our week was busy with medical appointments and multiple hospital visits. You will never know what one day will bring. The above picture is our second oldest son signing his younger brother's cast. During basketball he fell with a out-stretched arm and broke his radius bone in his wrist that required realignment and casting for 6-8 weeks. This adds x-ray imaging during the healing process. Right now, we are sleep depriving our littlest daughter for her EEG to end our week. Another early morning and a hospital visit. Funny.........we know some of the nurses, a few doctors and we now joke that we're building our own little professional community for the "Hohnstein's" I personally know one emerg nurse, we used to work with each other on our local mountain's first aid room while another emerg doctor is our neighbor. Small world and an interesting week we've had.

Tonight (Thursday night) we had all our children home for dinner. All 16. This hasn't happened in years. It was peaceful, socially engaging and while standing back witnessing our whole family together - I was proud. It reminded me about my one wish. A family portrait with all of us. This would be the best gift my children can provide me, a family portrait for our living room. I wrote about how important, how significant this portrait would be in a past post and I still look at our empty fire place mantle hoping that one day it will hang. I never thought all 18 of us would be together again..........and I think it's about time my wish is hung by the fireplace "hopefully" soon. For now, some rest before an early morning and a busy weekend.

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