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Thursday, May 2, 2013


The outdoors makes me happy. I still continue to dedicate one hour a day for myself. It costs nothing. I go outside. I haven't been writing about my fitness goals lately although I can guarantee you that I'm outdoors for that one hour hiking. Do you take the time to listen to silence daily? Our life consists of noise. No doubt about that. True silence is amazing. It's a stillness, it's peaceful and it calms everything inside you. I love the outdoors for several reasons, not only for its beauty, for its serenity of silence, it's for my own piece of mind. It's probably the best spa I can find that is priceless. This morning I took pictures of what I see almost daily. I know the hardest part of being active is putting on your running shoes, heading out that front door. But once outside, you don't want to turn back. Beauty is right in our own back yard. We're spoiled and it's there for us to enjoy! Sharing through my eyes.

Relaxation bench

      The naughty tree

A section of the trail

The swamp my dog loves to roll in!

The views

Enjoy our world!

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