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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

We're starting a reality television show!

I don't know about you but now that it's the new year we were anxious for Christmas to disappear. We have been organizing, cleaning and preparing for what the next twelve months are going to look like! 2013 seems to be an organized and planned year already. I was so tired during my last written post, I know I didn't remember everything, I even mis-spelled words and places without proof reading! I doubt this post will be any've been contemplating on not writing at all. I could always watch some reality television instead of writing about our lives. We wouldn't be on a reality television show ourselves so this is as close as anyone will get unless they're directly involved with us. Gotcha! Today I brought one of our sons for a hair-cut. He gets his hair-cut where I get mine. This place specializes in cutting curly hair. During the appointment I was reading about reality television. One of the articles was on "Honey Boo Boo" A seven year old pageant girl's life. I don't know much about this program although I've heard many negative opinions. On how the little girl is pushed to be a star on television from her Mother. The little girls actions are apparent with outbursts, tantrums, hitting, screaming just clearly behavioral. She's under the microscope all the time with cameras inside her home, outside her home and if there is any peace.......there is the paparazzi and fans lurking around every corner. All the pictures I saw while reading was sad. Clearly a very unhappy seven year old. I don't anticipate this reality series to last long unless the Mother pushes for more and the public enjoys watching a raging over stimulated little girl at her finest. I thought it was unfortunate because during this spotlight of fame, it's painting an unrealistic picture of who this little girl really is. Or maybe because of her constant push to be famous, this is who she's becoming. Spoiled and running her show at seven. I've heard the pageant life can be extreme within some families. What I don't understand is, pageant life doesn't last long. Children grow up. Just like "Honey boo boo" She will grow up, could regret and most likely be embarrassed about her debut on public television. This could affect her for the rest of her life. I've read so many stories about children who were once stars growing up becoming drug and alcohol addicted because their past either continues to haunt them or the realization sets in that they're no longer stars. Some of these parents must be delusional pushing their children to be famous while not seeing or not understanding that they're potentially destroying their futures. I guess it's 50/50 where if you don't take the chance, you will never know where your fame could lead you. There is some children that you can clearly see they're meant to be television icons and they're happy. Honey boo questionable according to what I've read. For us, we're already a spectacle in some ways, we don't need a television show! The only television program about us is watching ourselves on our own television at home. As the above picture we hook up the camera while our children will dance, make faces and watch each other being silly. I might write and unload some reality from time to time but the prime time isn't going to be featuring us ever! We would have worse "boo boo's" then "Honey Boo Boo" herself as most of our children either will fight for fame from each other or breakdown behaviourally from too much stimulation! I think the breakdowns we already have - we will keep safely behind closed doors! For "Honey Boo Boo" I hope what I read is wrong and the little child star is happy and thriving in her reality spotlight!

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