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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Shame on you

If you haven't noticed there has been some blogger technical difficulties! While checking into it - I was proud to find out that it isn't me! So if my posts are looking a little strange and hard to read, I apologise now. I've come to the conclusion that 2013 has a few glitches that have started already. Our weekend shifted from going swimming and having a bomb fire next to the ocean to sifting through tons of water logged items that we've stored in our half basement. Our Christmas decorations, hundreds of dollars worth of books, toys, clothing, flooring, multiple items that we don't necessarily use but store away until we do were wet. Really - who cares about all these items. The bigger problem is our continuous flooding that's happening in several areas underneath our house. Definitely frustrating. Buckets and buckets of water is being removed, while pumping out water. We have a dehumidifier going. We have items salvageable in our dryer. Books are spread out across our kitchen table in hopes to be saved. We could involve our house insurance but it's to minimal compared to what could happen, so we won't. The most frustrating part is we were not told about an underground river running under our home when we purchased it. We found out years later from a neighbour stating that the builders should have never built here. What does this mean? Definitely more drainage, trenches and sunk pumps. More likely a lifetime of ongoing issues with water. My husband pointed out even on our driveway where it was dry yesterday now huge patches soaked coming through the ground. It doesn't have to rain here to flood from the ground up. We have lots of work ahead unfortunately to maintain our home. "sigh" When we called the builders.......that was another story. Apparently they had a fire that burnt down their office with all their paperwork. They're having their own problems recovering information. And apparently the owner of this building company suddenly passed away last January. A lot of unfortunate events. Our home is almost 5 years old. Brand new when purchased. Naive as the buyer - what could be wrong with it? The beautiful rockery off to the side was a diversion for water - it is actually a massively long drainage ditch. How would I know? I wasn't told anything about water, drainage or RIVERS! My husband was up North at the time. He purchased sight unseen relying on me to find us the perfect home to build onto. So the whole disaster is just that - a disaster causing my husband more work for 2013. Forget his own business.....we need to be sitting on high ground with no water, with no mold contaminating our home. Today was the start of frustrating...what we didn't need. The future holds machines digging trenches and another lesson learned - don't trust easily. The majority of people are out to sell dishonestly. Be careful when you buy a home - that's all I have to say and "Shame on you"

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