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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy 2013!

Here we are......"New Year's Eve" or when you read this.....we're into 2013 already! Reflecting back....I question what I remember. (Ha ha) So here it is.....

January - I turned 39. I had full intentions to become this fit, hard core hot mama before I turned 40! For months I worked out, ran, lifted weights, lost weight and was on the right track!

February - One of our sons turned 9. We celebrated Valentines Day and our transmission broke on our main van! Some of us attended the "All shook up" production at the Chemainus Theatre, and my husband officially opened his G's Auto Service.

March - One son turned 12, one son turned 18 and one daughter turned 12. During Spring break our highlight was attending the Whale Festival in Tofino witnessing hundreds of whales blowing while traveling North.

April - One daughter turned 12 and one daughter turned 22. We had our Easter adoption event, attended "Noises Off" at the Chemainus Theatre and I surprised some of our children to the Johnny Reid concert!

May - One son turned 12, our new son turned 10. I went with my best friend to Alaska and the car racing season started!

June - The end of June we had a new son join us!

July - My husband turned 44, our one daughter turned 5, one son turned 4 and another son turned 12. We started camping with friends, some of our children went to camp and we spent a few days in Vancouver attending the Vancouver Aquarium.

August - One of our sons turned 14 and we continued to camp with friends! I was able to attend a week long hiking first aid trip! Wilbur met his girlfriend and became a successful stud-muffin.

September - We celebrated our sons 19th! Then my oldest daughter and I went shopping in the States....soon after some of us left on a cruise to San Diego then ventured off to Disney Land! Then we jumped into homeschooling with the best EA! (Educational Assistant) a 100% teacher for 5 of our children!

October - We enjoyed Thanksgiving and Halloween while squeezing in First Aid training.

November - One of our sons turned 8 and 1!

December - Our new son joined us December 14th. I befriended two beautiful people and we had a wonderful Christmas. Like I predicted, we did not all perish December 21.

The top 12 continuation on our bucket list for 2013:

1. My husband wants to finish his car and start racing this May.
2. I would like to take some of our children to another concert or two.
3. Definitely camping, boating, day trips and our usual.
4. Meeting my husband's brother's family this summer in the Okanagan!
5. Continue to dream "Nepal" within the next five years. (Because it's happening for this Mama)
6. Plan our usual Easter and Christmas Adoption events and attend more.....
7. Move forward........without looking back.
8. Keep my fitness somehow.....within that hour a day I promise myself.
9. Remember important dates
10. Keep strong physically and mentally.....knowing we're doing the best we can.
11. Love my husband more.....after all....we are the ones left together in the end.
12. Cherish people who are dear to our hearts - friends and family.

"Happy New Year from our family to yours!"

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