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Thursday, January 10, 2013

This is 40

It happened. I turned 40. I completely new decade know how people ask, "Do you feel any older?" I actually do. I'm not allowing my 97% grey hair coverage to defeat me. Weight loss is more work then before. I feel more life experienced and educated. I value life even more so which includes everyone around me. I'm completely not into material things but I will admit, I was spoiled. On Tuesday I went movie hopping. We saw "This is 40" and "The Guilt Trip" Both excellent comedies! I never movie hopped before. It was an awesome idea. "This is 40" was really funny. I came home and told my husband if he ever wants me to check him for hemorrhoids, we are finished! (Of course I was joking!) I thought the movie made 40 seem old. I personally think the 40's & 50's will be good years! When I turn 60, our last child will be 21 and that's going to be exciting! My husband bought me a ring with all our children's birth stones, 9 out of 12 months we have birthdays! He also bought me a Native carved Eagle bracelet! The Eagle represents peace, honor and friendship. My husband thinks I carry those traits, so the Eagle bracelet was most fitting for my personality. I'm not materialistic but my gifts were very thoughtful. Which means more to me then the item itself. During my day, two friends brought me out for brunch, I received flowers, cards, a charm saying, "Super Mom" - there is a story behind the whole "Super Mom" charm. During some time together with my one friend we met these musicians, and every time we walked into the room where they were located, the one singer would yell, "Super Moms in the house!" It became somewhat embarrassing so eventually we both started avoiding him. That's the long story shortened about the charm. Another memorable thoughtful gift. Then funny......during the Christmas holidays we were invited for dinner, and this one friend made these awesome butter tarts. I tried one, then another, then five later I was tempted to eat another! They were delicious! So today I received a box of homemade butter tarts! I laughed saying, "I'm still working on my waist line! Which is inching out!" During brunch I received a card asking me to make a wish before opening. I did and I really wanted to tell but it was left a secret. ? After brunch I had a few hours before picking up some of our public schooled children. I wondered what to do. As I contemplated about going to the mall, or going grocery shopping.....I decided on neither. I went to a tattoo and piercing shop. I've always been a people pleaser. I've always cared about what people think. While contemplating in my vehicle today, I decided I needed to work on something for myself. (A little bit less caring on what others think) Not too worry so much because at the end of the day, the people who still remain by your side are your true family and friends. So I went out on a limb. Something I can not hide. I pierced my nose! AND it hurt but only for a moment. So who knows......I might keep it in for years, I might decide I don't like it but my point today was; I was doing something for myself regardless what anyone else thought. Yeah me - courageous at 40! I came home and one of my sons said, "Oh Mom......your nose! Mom you pierced your nose!" I laughed, "Yes I'm cool that way" I explained. My husband didn't know what I was doing. All he knew was I was on a brunch date. He looked at me.....then asked, "So, what else did you pierce? Did you pierce your tongue!?" I smiled with a closed mouth innocently shaking my head. "You didn't!?" he questioned. Laughing......."NO I didn't" as I stuck out my tongue. I have a hard enough time with grammar let alone piercing my tongue! Funny times. Little highlights keeps me smiling. At home our five home schooled children made this beautiful bouquet of their own hands with 40 of their fingers connected together. Each finger had something written on it. For example, "I love you Mom" and "Thank you for camping" and "Thank you for making dinners" and "Thank you for a home" It was really sweet, mostly all the 40 fingers had something written on it. One of my older sons bought me some hair products especially designed for curly hair. One of my cards read, "Happy Birthday from every stinkin one of us" with just a picture of many butts. Inside it read, "course, some of us stink more than others!" signed by everybody. That's us......stinky and entertaining! Today turning 40 was memorable for me because everything came with sentimental meanings and some with stories to tell. That's what I call a pretty special birthday! My thirties are now over. I'm 40 and ready to embrace life with all these wonderful special family and friends that I have in it. Thank you everyone for all my multiple wishes, cards and phone calls. I'm truly blessed knowing I have so many people that care. Thank you. Watch out forties! Here I come!

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