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Monday, January 21, 2013


While sorting out the water logged basement we keep finding memorabilia. I pulled out a hand written page of point form notes that I wrote over seven years ago! It was on FASD. (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder) I re-read what I wrote which re-clarified everything for me AGAIN! Us parents need repetition and reminders all the time and finding this semi crinkled paper was helpful regardless if I already knew it or not. So I thought I'd share with you! It reads -

Definition of FASD:

-lower levels of intelligence
-difference between verbal & non verbal reasoning abilities
-struggle with "real life" tasks & activities such as personal hygiene, following rules, helping out & communicating.
-difficulties learning new information
-problems sustaining attention/concentration
-difficulties problem solving, organization, planning, monitoring one's emotions.
-difficulties recognizing limits and boundaries.
-no cause & effect.

Problem Solving:

-anticipate problems and help make a plan
-establish clear rules, limits and expectations
-reduce the amount of talking & reminding
-positive reinforcement & logical consequences
-support and celebrate strengths
-become knowledgeable
-black and white directions
-patience, simple steps & take a step back

Remember their history!

-significant early neglect
-disrupted attachment relationships
-exposure to domestic violence
-physical/sexual abuse
-family history of mental health issues (depression, lower IQ, bipolar, drug & alcohol)
-children require patience, understanding and additional support.

For us, all of this is true. We also tweak our parenting accordingly for each of our children. What works best. Amazing what you can find when you're not looking for it! Remember FASD is brain damage caused by alcohol during pregnancy. The above picture is a sample of what alcohol causes. For us, we don't necessarily notice any facial features in our children. It's behavior. Another reminder trick; we just close our eyes.....and we can hear the damage. I thought I'd write this because if you're not raising children with FASD, you will experience a child with FASD and they will appear to be physically normal and instead of questioning, "Why is this child acting this way?" NOW you might already have the answer because this is definitely a special need many are unaware of. (Having this bit of education helps) So many children are undiagnosed and struggling along side with their teachers, and only if everyone can be educated more to deal with this disorder. To conclude, if anything - preach, alcohol during pregnancy damages a person's life because they will have to live with it forever.

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