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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ice to fire

On Saturday we decided to hike a local lake. When we arrived we were surprised to find it ice covered. It was beautiful. Our children were trying to skip rocks across the thinly ice covered lake.....their rocks just slid smoothly and silently several feet. So we had a competition on whose object slid the farthest. We normally don't see ice on lakes unless it's Charlie Lake up North! So it was an awesome experience for most of us. We plan on going back because there is tons of different paths along the lake to walk. It was amazingly busy with people walking, running and even biking through the trails. The parking lot was full. The weather was crisp but it reminded us of a spring day. I myself become antsy with the weather, I love the great outdoors and while the weather improves, the more we will venture off! The outdoors is better then a day in school I'd say! I can't wait to surprise our children with day adventures while skipping class. For dinner we decided to have a bon fire at our local beach. Seen above is some of us roasting weenies around a fire. Even the smell of smoke made me happy knowing summer is around the corner! Here we are, January 19th in the midst of winter pretending it's a summer day. From ice to fire - experiencing life brings out the best in us. Before anything, enjoying our surroundings that nature provides is our best medicine!

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