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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Lunar Effect

Today was sideways. Literally. I was drinking a tea this morning while doing dishes then all of the sudden my tea disappeared! I looked all over for it. I even asked one of my children where they put it!? Then I thought....mmmm....I must of drank it and put the cup in the sink. So I carried on washing and putting away dishes. While putting my cups away I noticed there was tea everywhere in my cupboard. All my cups are placed upside down in the cupboards. That's where my tea was located. Upside down placed nicely stored away....leaking all over everything! The start of my morning. I proceeded to fry three eggs for two of our youngest. One of the eggs didn't make it to the frying pan. More cleaning......speaking of cleaning today.....I had urinated beds and clothing. Diarrhea up another backside. One of few mornings I couldn't even fix my hair properly. Luckily a straggly curled up bun looked decent enough to carry on throughout the day! All day it seemed to go sideways. I've never seen a day like this where I'm to blame! I even had multiple deliveries at our front door, several different phone calls and when I felt I was on track one way, I had to answer the door or the phone the other way! When I thought it was all over.....well.....I was mistaken. During dinner I accidentally flipped over a chicken pot pie in the oven. "AGH" That was it! I didn't care about the chicken pot pie, I cared about the endless cleaning that continued to escalate. Jokingly one of our sons arrived late during I asked him to get his dinner out of the oven. That didn't go over well but at least I had a perma-grin from ear to ear. In the midst of the day, between messes from here to tim-buck-two, we did accomplish getting groceries and doing laundry from bed wetting. Then we were rear ended on our way to speech therapy! (Everyone was A-Ok) Lucky our home school students are upstairs and are oblivious to what's happening on our main floor! What's even more interesting, freezing rain was falling from only one fur tree, the other trees were dry. It was like this fur tree was hailing all on its own. It wasn't sap. It could be dying. Or it's getting too much water.......I don't know, regardless it's weird. We would catch the drops from the tree and it was melting in our hands. A few days ago I was with a friend that was feeling a "chaos" in the air. With not just people she knew but with strangers. My husband believes the moon has an effect on people. There is a full moon this Sunday. It's worth documenting how life changes, how our children and animals act when it's close to the full moon. Once the full moon is over - life redeems back to normal - (Apparently) Basically, believers in the lunar theory suggest the behaviour of the moon effects the behavior of humans. The moon effects large bodies of water like the ocean. So why not effect our behaviours? My husband is a huge believer, he even recognizes his own energy. My husband is a Cancer, born in July. This planet said to be ruler of Cancer is the Moon. So my husband is a moon child. Including two more of our children that have been off the wall these past few days. Just makes them more sensitive......the rest of us are scattered, for example placing their tea upside down in their kitchen cupboard! Regardless what makes us tick, what makes our tickers change, there has been no significant correlation to prove anything. Everything is on belief. Perhaps what's interesting is, is to document when this all happens and if it is all triggered by the lunar effect. This week - I say, "Yes" but it hasn't kicked my butt yet......

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