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Friday, January 18, 2013

Taking the bull by its horns

This week was productive......well every week is productive in one way or another. I won't be bias and say it's a large family trait for effectiveness because I know most families are although I personally feel for us, (for myself) that the more children we have, the more efficient I am. Weird? I think other parents from larger families will agree with me. For instance this week, we had eleven optometrist appointments over three days. Amazingly out of our eleven children only three needed glasses. We started speech therapy in a new location, three of our girls will be starting voice and piano lessons and the spring session of therapeutic horse riding is just around the corner. Next week eleven of our children will be seeing the dentist within one appointment. Our Occupational and Practical therapists come to our home but it's definitely a field trip feeling when we're attending other therapies and appointments outside our home. Our one daughter hasn't been well, she's on and off with her health. So we're on a waiting list for the Children's hospital. (Hopefully soon) In the midst of our daily life with several different scenarios throughout each and every day, I and another friend planned Christmas 2013. I know I've written this before, I was adamant about not going ever again during Christmas but it's worth a second try! We're going to our local ski mountain for Christmas! Two families consisting of 25 plus people in a chalet. Skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing - you name it, that's Christmas. Over dinner one evening I explained to our children that we're tired of the hype over materialistic goods, the want when the need isn't there. Our tradition is slowly more following society's commercialism. No more broken toys a day later. We are going to spend Christmas together having fun regardless if it's a blizzard or if we become ill over contaminated hot-tubs. We like adventures. I know my friend that's joining us loves living on the edge because I haven't scared her and her family off yet! So it's a done-deal! When I suggest change, I'm an individual 99% working on my words to become actions. What I do know is....nothing happens unless you take the bull by its horns - my meaning is tackling the challenges and coming out on top. Nothing is impossible. Productive for me is completion with anything, it can consist of laundry, baking for the week, attending all appointments, completing eye and dentist exams and yes, looking into the future preparing months in advance. Seen below; I love this picture, a bear diving for what he wants. We should all learn to dive in and reach for our goals! My thoughts today - plan, prepare and believe in tomorrow and remember, every day is a new day. So choose to wake up on the right side of the bed and become productive!

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