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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Recruiting idea - "Baby steps"

Having a little baby is absolutely wonderful. Our whole family is enjoying our new son. He is happy, content and a going concern. (We've baby proofed everything!) He's just learning to walk. We never thought we would have a little baby. Larger families aren't prime candidates to adopt babies. I also believed we had our time raising babies so I always thought about other families that haven't, should have that chance. (Not that we'd be a choice anyways) Our baby is a sibling to some of our children we already adopted. This is the only reason why we're so fortunate. We weren't looking to adopt again but I do have to say, he's brought much joy to our family. Adopting really young children definitely has it's benefits. The risk for attachment issues are much lower. It's been one month and he's already showing attachment. He seems to know who his Mom and Dad is. We have the next fifteen years at least (maybe) before he really wants to spread his wings. He's a beautiful baby boy. People don't believe we're done adopting. I know we say we are. I also know that we're getting older and I'm really hoping birth parents aren't having anymore babies! Apparently not - so hopefully not. It doesn't stop me as an adoptive parent thinking about all the children waiting for a family. I often think about the children with more needs, for example there was and perhaps still is a teenager boy with cerebral palsy in foster care. I've seen how hard it is for a child aging out of the foster care system without a family, I can't imagine not having a family aging out with special needs. I know there is supports in place, connections are made but I can't believe it's the same as having a family. Special individuals change people into more compassionate accepting human beings. Our daughter lights up every room. When we first thought about adoption, honestly, we were afraid of taking on a special needs child. We thought having a child with more needs would limit our family. They're legitimate thoughts although that's all they were. We learned that only fear held us back and there is no limitations except for the mind. Of course we pack more, it takes us longer to get somewhere, we do have several different challenges. The key is, it's only a challenge not a restriction. We told our adoption worker that if we could of done things differently knowing what we know now, we would have adopted from the beginning more moderate to severe special needs children. So if you're thinking about adoption ask yourself what do you want your future to hold?  What can you handle? If you don't know, visit a family that does. I was thinking about the adoption education course - again. I think it's quite limited. I came up with a great idea! Adding a day for the potential adoptive parents to spend time with another adoptive family. A family with several types of special needs. That way it will help with all the unknowns, the fears behind adoption, behind special needs. Perhaps more children with special needs will be adopted. Educating through a book is nothing in comparison to practical education with real children. Thinking back, if we had that chance to spend sometime with other adoptive families, our path of adopting could of looked slightly different. There is several adoption related events that happen throughout the year that will provide this, where potential adoptive parents can attend too although I think a personal visit to an adoptive home for at least 4 hrs would provide some insight. My big thoughts for today. I'm always thinking, I'm always blabbing. Imagine, I used to be a very shy person. Big special families change you, they do and for the positive! AND if it's crossing your mind for us to be the test pilots, sure why not - anything for a special needs child to find their forever home, starting with little baby steps - visiting the real deal. Did I say, "Beware?" (Kidding)

"Our whole existence is our family consisting of everything unique" - Me.

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  1. I love the idea of encouraging people considering adoption to come to our homes! Great suggestion! I think it would be good if the AEP made that suggestion to families too.