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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Halloween & Happy Birthday Celebrations!

It was a pumpkin carving, seed roasting and dress-up birthday party weekend for our family. We ignored the rain pounding on our un-landscaped yard making mud puddles absolutely everywhere, instead inside our home was lit candles, the smells of garlic roasted pumpkin seeds and our living room was filled with Halloween costumes our children were trying on over and over. We played Halloween music and had a fun-filled Saturday having our own party! (Including a disco ball!) We did however venture out to one of our local haunted house events!  We spent hours carving eleven pumpkins. My husband and I were the supervisors while eleven of our children were gutting and carving their masterpieces. I won't was a mess with hours of clean up but for one day a year, our children get carving knifes and interestingly their creations came to life with a soft glow. (Seen Below) Including mine! (Seen above) Go figure it's a "adopt" mini pumpkin and I didn't have to fight over my pumpkin, I loved it's size! Years and years ago I enjoyed Halloween. We would decorate our home and I would dress up ALL day on Halloween but now I don't like the candy, I don't like the candy wrappers, I don't particularly like the "trick or treating" We do however continue for our children's memories. I have started a new tradition on Halloween. For dinner they receive something spooky. One year I made edible tortilla bowls that consisted of anything inside. Eggs, gummy worms, black licorice - whatever - it was in there for dinner. Then today (Sunday) our festivities continued with one of our sons having his birthday party at the bowling alley, all his friends were dressed up and it was the cutest few hours watching a group of eight year olds throwing bowling balls in their costumes! Then some of us that didn't attend the birthday party went swimming. For our sons Halloween birthday I've always tried to be creative with their food. Instead of hot dogs, it was mummy-dogs. This Sunday it was green spiders with big black legs for cupcakes! It was truly a fun weekend. Our house smelled delicious with the roasted pumpkin seeds and the finished pumpkins all lit up! All our children had their costumes on while holding their finished pumpkins posing for a picture. Another successful spooky year of eye goosing, pumpkin vomit and creepy crawlers.

The beginning

                                                                       The carving

                                                                     The spiders

The mummy's

The goblins

And then......

During the bowling party I teared. I was so lucky that I was the only parent there. There was six friends of my sons, plus five of my children attending. Our littlest daughter was one of them. She has Cerebral Palsy and currently doesn't walk. I wasn't sure if she could bowl or not but our host working there helped us out. Witnessing her participate, seeing her so happy with such enthusiasm was delightful. It made her day. It made my day. I had four of our sons handing her bowling balls one after another and she played straight for one hour. She screamed with excitement getting five strikes! I teared because not all places cater to children with mobility challenges and it was so inviting for our daughter to be there attending instead of just watching. I was very touched today and most importantly so was our daughter. The picture below was our daughter with her hands up screaming with bowling ball excitement! The world is hers!

The score!

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  1. wish we were there to see our grand daughter enjoying the bowling.shye must have been so happy and her brothers must have been delighted in her partaking in the party