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Thursday, October 18, 2012

"Oh boy!"

Winding down on a stormy night with board games and platters sounded like a great plan to me. It felt like Friday night and we're treating it like one with no school the next day. Our weekend ritual usually consists of a movie night with popcorn and a games night with meat, cheese, pickles, crackers and oysters. A few of our favorite games are Monopoly, Hedbanz, Sequence, Operation and Guess who. We have many different games and our usual favorites always come out. As I write, I'm playing Monopoly, "Here and Now, The world edition" We have several different types of Monopoly games including the original, a Star Wars edition and the world edition. It's interesting because we play with no monopoly money, it's credit card controlled. Amazingly different compared to playing with money. With this version we travel the world. My first city I bought Rome for 1.8 million. Pretty cheap I'd say.

Who would of figured, Monopoly credit cards. As we played I continued to ask questions about the new version of Monopoly and honestly, I was not sure if I was getting the right rules at any point during the game. (Mysteriously the rules went missing) Our three boys I was playing with enjoyed playing their own versions. I just played along. Something I've learned to do lately is "play along" and pretend to be twelve again. Even when they joked about me growing into a sumo - I just played along. Honestly though - it's hard pretending to be twelve. And a twelve year old boy! I'm not sure what's even funny half the time and during the other half I'm lost refereeing on whose turn is whose and who cheated who. Our games and platter night ended successfully and Monopoly ended within an hour instead of five! Perhaps that's a good thing! For some of us we asked, "What am I?" Guessing over and over again one of our sons found out his new look is popcorn. I couldn't figure out what I was............and by the end of the night I still questioned, "What am I?" Realizing I was stuck in a identity crisis game wearing a picture of a diaper on my forehead. With that being said, at least I wasn't referred to as a sumo anymore! Boys..........will be boys and currently we have ten of them! "Oh boy!" (lol)

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