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Friday, October 12, 2012

Cloud nine

You know when everything is going perfect for days and you feel like you're on cloud nine then all of the sudden "poof" that cloud blows up by a sudden jet flying through it? Yes, that's today. Suddenly we're back on earth and not perched relaxing on a soft warm cloud. I can't really believe that every day would be cloud nine around here anyways. Jets happen unfortunately. So without disclosing much information (sorry) I'm writing solemnly in blue with a big "sigh" thinking about how to repair my cloud nine. Normally I will exercise. The hardest step is putting on the running shoes and the rain can be liberating. I still might do that but today I just want to cry, curl up and watch a big tear jerking movie. You're probably wondering why I'm sharing this moment of weakness and in fact I question that myself. Although realizing - you know isn't cloud nine and it isn't a bed of roses.. Weakness is not being able to express your feelings and your thoughts. So today my first attempt is writing, expressing and yes sharing on my thoughts on how to resolve the gloom. Journals of course is number one. Exercising creates endorphins, pumps up adrenaline and just ultimately makes you feel better regardless of any situation. Taking a "adult" time-out. (I've already been contemplating doing everything I write of course) Purchasing a Pumpkin Spice Latte or a warm drink of choice and if need be, sitting curled up with my kiddos watching a really good family movie with popcorn. Then while thinking.....our situations are minimal to some. Questioning, "Why should I even justify feeling blue?" Recently a beautiful young teenager committed suicide from bullying, children and teenagers suffer everyday from all types of abusive situations. Families are in mourning from several different losses. Recently a family lost their home to a home invasion, their house plus their bulldogs were set on fire. Many people are deathly sick fighting for their life. Now.....I apologise for such a gloomy post. Continuing to question if I should delete but with that being said, "I won't" My heart has already shifted, my thoughts are on the individuals that need some prayer. My little world is completely a cloud nine. I will submit this post as is......concluding that to make a difference in this world is to start at home. Teach our children the importance of acceptance, difference and bullying kills. To remember to live as today were our last, to respect one another and treat each other as we want to be treated. We are all on this planet surviving together, why is it so difficult to remember this........?........I hope that all parents can take a moment with their children, hold them tight and explain the importance of loving and having compassion for all. Explaining how special everyone truly is.

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