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Sunday, October 7, 2012

22 Highlights of thankfulness

(Happy Thanksgiving) This post is some of my highlights of thankfulness.

1. Our weather has been beautiful. Every morning I awake with the sun and blue skies.

2. My husband, he's another highlight. I will admit he's my oldest and biggest child! But what a great Dad. Everyday I witness my husband constantly interacting, playing and looking after our children. He strives for their successes and happiness. For our older children he's provided vehicles, the vehicles maintenance and just drops what he's doing to accommodate them when needed. Yes I am a lucky woman. Our children are lucky to have a Dad like my husband. From play wrestling, to dancing, to building anything and giving our children any experience - he is that highlight. What makes our relationship perfect is we work together. Not only do we work together, we play together and can also independently be not together. We are two empire builders and together I am thankful.

3.  This morning I received over twenty hugs. Ten came from one and the others followed. Every day I'm hugged over and over again. Another highlight of thankfulness I have is the love around here. Yes there is challenges all throughout our day, each and every day but we move forward with each other starting off with endless hugs. Our children have taught me to provide more affection and that I am thankful for.

4.All of us complain about something.... If I can put enough energy into complaining, I can use that energy to change my complaints into something positive . Like laundry for example.....for some reason I have tons of laundry all the time. But laundry has become a dance party. Life is how we make it and only ourselves can change it into something to be thankful for.

5. I'm thankful for my ability for having patience. For the strengths of organization and dedication for myself and my family.

6. I find our life is indeed different from the normal sized families which can be isolating. This is where I'm thankful for the family and friends we do have that accepts and supports us as different as we are.

7. Health is worth more then any amount of money or assets. Mostly, our family is healthy. I also take the time everyday to create a healthy atmosphere, a healthy diet for everyone and to promote our outdoors. I'm thankful that I've grown into the parent that recognizes the importance of good physical and mental health for myself and my children. Health to me means not only physical, it's establishing a better childhood and memories that will hopefully create a happier and successful adulthood through developing those precious fundamental skills that are needed to survive.

8. I'm thankful for all our resources available, our police department, MCFD (Ministry of Children and family development and our BC Medical. Every system has flaws but without MCFD our family wouldn't have grown through adoption. They also offer a wide variety of services that everyone at one time in their life needs to access. Our police departments are exceptional and a needed service to keep our streets and homes safe. These areas of careers regardless of many complaints should be honored.

9. I'm definitely not thankful for the Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes......I tried one, then I craved another and another one would be great right now too! "Agh" so thank you not for making such a great tasting caffeinated coffee drink! And I'm sure it can come decaffeinated too and a slim with less calories!

10. A highlight that is every ones pure enjoyment is entertainment. I am thankful for all the individuals that worked so hard becoming an actor/actress and that performs in any way. I love listening to acoustic guitar playing. Music is very much a big part within our society. Entertainment not only is enjoyable but has the power to shift our moods. My taxi service can be relaxing while listening to music, my laundry is a dance party and I can't express enough my gratitude for all aspects of entertainment. If anyone, or any young child/teen is talented in this way - practice and become that dream. I still regret that my guitar is sitting bundled up safe in the closet!

11. I like to write. I have been interested in writing since I was a child. Writing for me releases some of my thoughts, it's like meditating for some. Everyone usually finds their zen. Mine is writing. I am thankful that I have a focus, a hobby - an interest for myself. I know interests are hard to find or perhaps keep because it's a trial period. But writing has been in my heart for decades. I just need to continue to master and write that novel I long to start..........

12. I'm thankful for our seasons. I have my favorites which are summer and winter although every season changes our atmosphere. Fall, winter, spring and summer are wonderful seasons that break our year. I look forward to every one. Christmas is and will always be our magical time while summer is endless travels and camping. Our seasons help define our memories and I'm big on developing memories for our children.

13. For Thanksgiving my father and mother came over for dinner, then we were surprised with my other mother and father stopping by for a visit. I am thankful for my parents.

14. Our pets Wilbur and Ying Yang (Ying Yang came named through a pet adoption) are wonderful, loyal and loving animals. I've always had dogs in our life and I always will. I'm so grateful for all the animals I've had that's given unconditional love.

15. The beauty of our world is worth experiencing. Meeting new people a long the way, learning about different cultures and just being able to travel once in awhile is something I'm definitely thankful for. One place on my bucket list is Nepal. It's been an area in my heart for over a decade. I would love to fly into India then bus into Kathmandu to trek the hills of the Himalayas!

16. I am so thankful and grateful for water. I know most take water for granted but we've experienced being without it. We also conserve water being on a well. With all this beautiful sunshine and dryer then normal temperatures, our water is very precious.

17. Education is key. It is great that in our Country we have different resources available for education. Education not only develops careers it clears ignorance. With whatever we choose, public school, homeschooling and moving on into University - it's important to continue to educate ourselves. I love learning. I'm very thankful that we have the opportunity to learn all the time, either through schooling, through each other and/or the internet - education is a highlight in our lives.

18. I know my children are thankful for my friends pumpkin pie! Every time we get together for dinner, she bakes pumpkin pies for dessert. It doesn't have to be thanksgiving either! So this thanksgiving I bought pumpkin pies with her absence. I'm thankful for Costco taking her place and saving my butt because one thing I don't do is bake pies! I'm not exactly sure why but I've never been interested in pastry, pies and dessert baking. My baking consists of breads, cakes, muffins, cookies extra......but I will never say never.

19. Right now I am thankful that everyone is sleeping, it's completely quiet and peaceful so I can write my 22 highlights of thankfulness. Time I'm thankful for. I am a busy mother but I still have time for myself which I'm thankful for. We all need "me" time and whatever we choose to do with it, it's our time to be definitely thankful!

20. Lastly, and left for last - I am thankful for my children who appreciate, who are respectful and show compassion for each other. I'm thankful for my family unit, my extended family which includes some birth family. (they know who they are) some foster parents and my parents. I know I touched base in number 6 but I'm very thankful for the meaningful people in our life.

21. A huge thank you to our adoption community.

22. And a huge thank you for my blog followers. Whatever reason you're following, it's for a reason. Negative or positive - either or - regardless if you like me or not, agree or disagree - I will keep writing.......

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