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Saturday, October 20, 2012


Normally I know what I'm buying all the time. Recently I purchased what I thought was a great deal on beets from a local farm. They were already priced and bagged. I didn't look twice. It was a great deal. When I returned home I placed them into our fridge. While I was gone, our oldest daughter asked my husband to cook her a beet. She was at work at the time. So my husband asked my daughter how to cook the beet. She didn't know either. So my husband placed the whole beet into water and boiled it. As you can imagine, it took a long time to cook a whole beet boiling in water. Especially not even being peeled. The whole time my husband was slightly confused on the whole beet cooking situation and I was unreachable to explain. Finally after huge amounts of time, the beet seemed soft enough to eat. My daughter was home from work and was craving a beet with butter. She cubed it, melted butter onto it........and took a bite. It was a red potato. I guess I didn't get a great deal after all. Life has its moments. For us, our moments happen on a regular basis. For example, what would you do if there was no toilet paper available next to the toilet? Normally I would check, make sure the roll even exists because you never know around here. Perhaps you sit down quickly and there wasn't any left on the roll! Most of us either ask for assistance or bend towards the cupboard direction looking for some, right!? Well we have some quick thinking characters around toilet paper, no problem. That's what a shower curtain is for! Writing about toilets...they are an interesting porcelain artifact. What child isn't interested in a toilet? All our waste goes in and disappears. It's a seat of attraction. If kids aren't plugging it, they are up to their elbows digging inside of it! My poor husband is our porcelain savior. I usually step back and say, "Heh, I don't know what a beet is let alone unplugging a over flowing toilet with who knows what's inside of it!" I know all this toilet talk is getting everyone hungry for cookies right!? Do I have a story for you. There is these peanut butter cookies that look like oreo cookies made for dogs. Our dogs love them. I placed them where I usually keep the dog treats. I have set times for treats for our dogs and it was confusing to me onto why their treats were being eaten so fast. It was months before one of our children said, "I sure love those peanut butter cookies" I was confused thinking.....and questioning..... "Did I bake peanut butter cookies lately!?" When the question became the conclusion and I re-questioned what peanut butter cookies my child was eating, it was very clear where my dog treats went! We have many many stories around here that afterwords you can chuckle too. Believe it or not....mostly my husband is the funniest. I've written in past posts about this before. Have you ever watched "My big fat Greek wedding?" Where the father in law was obsessed over windex? It was the ultimate cleaner and could be used for anything. (If you haven't seen that movie, watch it) It's funny. husband believes that vacuum cleaners can solve anything. Years ago I walked into an episode out of a movie where my husband made an attachment for the vacuum with a straw. My son was laying on his back while my husband was performing a belly button cleaning. Ba ha ha ha....I asked, "What are you doing?" On a serious note, my husband responded, "His belly button is infected and I need to get the dirt trapped in it out!" "Ok" while removing myself from that episode. Normally a bath would do.....but it doesn't end there. Vacuums and attachment straws did solve many scenarios. If your children shove anything up their nose, use the straw attached to a vacuum. It works. Now moving on......we had a child switch up the song to "I like big butts" too"I like big watches" Which went, "I like big watches and I can not lie, you other brothers can not deny, when a girl walks in, with an ity bity waist, and a round watch in your face, you get sprung...." I thought HOW talented in a weird way! You just never know what's going on around here. Like centre pieces on our kitchen table - guess what that is!? Yes you guessed it correctly, wet wipes! Normally you would purchase wet wipes because you have a bottom to clean. For us, yes we have bottoms to clean but we've figured out wet wipes clean absolutely everything. Almost better then windex! Did you know wet wipes clears permanent markers? It also cleans hardwood floors, walls and cleans up after regrouting tiles! We couldn't have a better arrangement then wet wipes! Speaking of cleaning, Vim (a bathroom cleaner) on a shami is like a vinyl dressing for detailing cars! Beets, red potatoes, toilets to wet wipes......peanut butter cookies and vacuum cleaners, even though there is a designated use for everything like a bathroom curtain or music, we are finding out it can also be used for other purposes. Regardless what purpose it's defined in our home as a multi-purpose!

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  1. Thank you for the morning belly laugh!!! Your blogs always inspire me, please don't EVER stop writing!!!! HUGS