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Monday, October 15, 2012

Exciting times ahead!

Exciting times. I've been semi-stressed over homeschooling but that's just me. I really like having organization and seeing our children's education climbing. We finally have this wonderful education assistant working for us four days a week. She's been absolutely wonderful and has taken over the whole academic area of our children's learning. In the evenings I prepare their work, do any necessary photocopying for the next day and order our children's schooling needs. It's been a huge learning curve and undertaking for me. Even having a educational assistant in every day has been a change. A good change. I'm very thankful for her. I also have a friend that has all her children in the same homeschooling program and without her, I would be completely frazzled! I'm constantly asking her about everything - I'm somewhat annoying I'm sure. (lol) What I am finding out.....homeschooling once settled into it is great. It's amazing what our children receive for their supports for learning compared to the public system. I have been stressed yes but my stress has been shifting into contentment. With our exciting times..........we have more exciting times ahead of us. (I can sense it) I'm just relaxing practicing patience and waiting for it. Every day around here unfolds with new twists, new changes and I'm learning (still) to embrace whatever it is. Sounds exciting doesn't it?! Speaking of exciting - we are holding our annual Christmas party on December 15th. Please email me for details. Parents waiting to adopt are more then welcome to come and join in on the fun! It will be from 4-8pm. A potluck dinner, so bring something for everyone to share. For every child, please bring a present labelled with your child's name on it for Santa's bag. Yes, he will be there! If I can't find a volunteer Santa, my husband has been elected by me to "Ho Ho Ho" louder then ever before! Christmas is a very exciting and magical time in our home. This event started at our home, became too big and therefore now resides at our local hall. So please, attend and meet other adoptive families. Your children will have a blast and if they don't, they can come see me! Below is a picture from last year of Santa, myself and our friend appearing from behind. Our friend every year has set up our music and dance area which we're so grateful for! What's really exciting is it's just around the corner and we're already preparing! Come out, come out and too all a Merry night!

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