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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Saving Yoda

All I can say is we had a wonderful week of saving Yoda from the grips of enhangment! A word I made up! Yoda with his buddies was hanging on a hook, waiting for their forever home and he was the lucky chosen one. Makes me think about adoption and for all those waiting children. One of my wishes today is that every child moves into their permanent family like Yoda. His story. Yoda was matched with his forever buddy seen below........

From there Yoda was very scared of all the unknowns and his different surroundings but he glowed with this feeling of being wanted. He caught a bus with his buddy, believing and trusting that his new home would be everything he was waiting for.

After Yoda's long bus ride, he had to go through customs. He was leaving his home he only knew. He was definitely excited but feeling very afraid. The whole experience was not only overwhelming which brought on some anxiety and fear, it was strange sitting in a bin being xrayed and examined for perfection. Yoda felt confused. He tried to sit still and be perfect for his buddy because he wanted to remain a part of his new family.

When Yoda thought it was all over, he was placed into an airplane seen below. It was his first plane ride ever. He didn't know what to expect next accept he was going to fly to his new destination! He kept asking, "How much longer?" In hopes they were almost home. He felt tired and worried. On the plane ride he kept thinking what his new home was going to look like? What was he going to do? He questioned, "What if I don't like it!?" Yoda cried because his ears hurt, but with the reinsurance and instant love from his new buddy, he felt at ease that everything was going to be "Ok"

During Yoda's trip to his new home he was able to play with an Ipod and eat different snacks. He thought that was pretty cool and fun. It was a long day of traveling and waiting. Yoda became antsy, going to the bathroom over and over, he started to fidget and whine. He was clearly tired. His buddy kept reconfirming that he was almost home. His buddy understood it was going to be a hard transition but his buddy will not leave him.

Finally after thirteen hours of traveling, Yoda was on the ferry. He ate dinner but while sitting with his hands connected, he worried. He became silent. Contemplating his new life. Everything looked strange. Very foreign. Even the food and the weather was different. He felt very cold. It was a new land!

Finally, finally......Yoda was almost home. He jumped onto his new buddies back. Yoda's excitement levels escalated. He definitely had mixed feelings about absolutely everything but he was finally at home! A place where he will remain until he's old enough to look after himself! Mostly he will always have his buddy forever!

When at home, Yoda started to become familiar with his new life, everyday became more real. He always tried to be on his best behavior because he constantly worried about moving again. As months moved on, his true colors shined. He tested his new buddy, sometimes it was really green but with patience and understanding, Yoda flourished into a new 800 yr old boy! Now Yoda always yells, "May the force be with you!"

Yoda - "Truly wonderful the mind of a child is"


  1. Hey, Im the "Buddy" Im in my home and I brought yoda to school today... "Much different is the way of our teachers, it is." Yoda says..

    Well i will see what else we can do from this epic adventure walkiing around my nieghboorhood :D

    "Halloween is coming, Yes?"

  2. I think Buddy should keep Yoda's culture alive by dressing up as Luke Skywalker or Chewbacca, also known as Chewie for Halloween! Yoda would like that!

  3. love to have yoda for my own,hope he's enjoying his new life.

  4. hope you had a good trip with your newe family