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Friday, March 2, 2012

14 ideas for Spring break!

With the public education strike happening we basically have a three week Spring break! I personally don't have a problem with this. The only problem I have is with the weather. Our daily activities do revolve around our weather. I have been researching for a few days on what we can do during our holidays. I thought I would share some of my ideas! Depending on weather we will venture on some outdoor hiking adventures.(1) I would like to take some of our children to the Mt. Arrowsmith CPR Historic trail located near Cameron Lake. A beautiful walk with an incline, at the top you can look over Cameron Lake and our Strait! (2) Next I would like to re-visit Mt. Benson near Nanaimo. Our whole family ventured and found Ammonite Falls. (Picture above) The outdoors is an adventure. (Finding Ammonite falls was!) Packing a lunch and reaching your destination is a huge accomplishment. Especially with our family dynamics! (3) Another beautiful favorite spot where you can experience part of the West Coast trail with your children is in Ucluelet! We've walked this trail out to the lighthouse several times and in the rain! My blog header picture for the longest time was a picture taken in Ucluelet! I just changed it recently (viewed above) of some of our children's shadows at our favorite camping spot, Comox Lake. (4) Comox Lake also has a day hike where you'll stumble across little waterfalls, rock climbing areas and once on top, you can look over the whole lake! The little town of Cumberland is historic and interesting to visit. It reminds me of driving through an ole western movie staged town. (I can't wait to go camping right on the lake this summer at Comox Lake) Fires on the beach, our site is only steps away from the water. Easy for me to supervise while BBQing dinner! Back to Spring break....(5) We always like to go to Victoria. We like being tourists, walking along the harbor, visiting the petting zoo, finding new beaches and areas to explore. Last year we walked along the Sooke Potholes, searching for the best spot to swim. It's too cold right now but the adventure finding new areas for our day trips in summer is well worth it! During Spring break we would like to take our children to the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre located near Victoria. Then in the same area there is a beach called, "Glass Beach" another area to look off our Island! (6) Mt. Washington is our other home, and a place where the snow can stay! It would be fun taking our children snow shoeing or something involving the mountain. I remember bringing back a few coolers of snow, keeping it cold and having a snow-ball throw at home! (7) We will definitely go swimming, catch a few movies and visit a few parks. (8) We are going to visit Campbell River where I grew up. After our day, we will visit my Father and Mother that will invite us for dinner (Ha ha) because I know they have room for at least twelve serving something wonderful for dinner! (9) Horne Lake caves is a necessity and there is an area that is free! (but I didn't write that) Also because of the weather, there is more extreme caving like the "Wet and wild cave adventure!" (10) Other ideas is more traveling (I like traveling) to our North Island. Perhaps visiting some friends along the way, venturing off to the other side! One of my fondest memories is Cape Scott. It's definitely not a day hike, I hiked Cape Scott for 5 days and it was one of my biggest adventures! (Cape Scott is not for Spring break) (11) This is a great idea and I know our children will LOVE it............"Spring cleaning!" I'll quickly move on.......(12) Sharing some days with other adoptive families. It would be nice to have some days connecting. (13) Having friends and family over for dinner and/or vise versa! If you're reading Dad, I need a date! Already we have two Saturdays confirmed for dinner with good friends of ours! (14) One of the bests for last, the Pacific Rim Whale festival starting March 19th! There is parades, whale talks, beach tug-o-wars, sandcastle building and much much more! March is when Tofino celebrates the arrival of 20,000 grey whales as they migrate from the Baja Peninsula up our coastline to Alaska! I'm excited. I chose the number "14" for ideas because of the obvious but there is lots to do, just plan, pack and go! The only down fall lately is our gas prices......not so happy about that! For us Spring break also consists of two birthdays, dentist appointments, eye examines, orthodontist appointments and physical and speech therapy. Then surprisingly enough we're already into April! Remember April 14th is our annual Easter potluck! Now that our Spring break has basically begun due to the teacher strike, plan plan plan and make memories! If we can, anyone can!

Update - just so you know, I've been doing stairs approximately 3 times a week that includes tricep dips. Yesterday I started interval training. Meaning high intensity work (speed) with my lower paced stair climbing. For example, I would climb 4 sets, run 2. I've heard by mentally thinking you're being chased by a bear helps! Although I don't know about that because after running stairs I can hardly breathe and being exhausted, I believe that bear will eat me! Perhaps playing dead will help! lol I've also been taking a few of our children up a little mountain in our area called Notch hill. I'm finding hill climbing easier! Whoo hoo! That means stairs are rocking my leg muscles! (Smile) I will call exercise an ongoing activity and I won't add it to Spring Break because it naturally exists and finds its time!

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